EDG vs DK – Worlds 2021 Finals Preview, Predictions & Betting Lines

The Worlds 2021 Championship is coming to an end, as EDG will be taking Worlds Champions DK in the Finals this weekend in Iceland. Following hard-fought wins in the semifinals, both teams are one series away from achievement their ultimate goals. It’s all down to this last series: who will rise up to glory?

Both teams’ journeys in the tournament have been exceptional, with Damwon looking for a second trophy and the first back2back trophy since SKT T1, and EDG seeking to finally claim their rightful place among the greats in their 6th Worlds appearance.

As usual, we will break down the LoL Worlds Odds and likely in-play outcomes at the end of the article. (Odds are courtesy of Bet365)

DK vs EDG Worlds Finals 2021

Expect an epic clash between titans in each lane

Edward Gaming & DAMWON Kia – Similar, yet so different

It’s not a coincidence that these two teams are in the finals. Both EDG and DK are the respective Summer Champions from their own regions and they had to fight their way up until the very end. It was by no means an easy road, especially as the Knockout Stage came around.

Flaws in gameplay were revealed for both teams, and only nuance should decide the ultimate champion.


On one side, DK looked like the undisputed best team in the tournament. Following FPX’s surprising exit in Groups, most people were expecting DK to dominate the competition. This, however, did not happen. Despite quickly taking down MAD Lions in the quarterfinals, DK found an extremely strong foe in T1.

The legendary team, led by Faker, brought DK to one of the closest series in Worlds history. After being down 1-2 after Game 3, DK turned it around. Thanks to aggressive comps, DK was able to be proactive and created leads across the map. T1 had little tools to respond to DK’s insane burst and succumbed.

Coming into the Finals as the reigning World Champions, DK will have the chance to establish a new legacy for Korea and the new generation of LoL Esports.

Edward Gaming

Despite being the LPL Summer Champions, EDG never really looked like a big favorite to win the title. Yes, they were a top team, but still a tier below DK and FPX. Their groups stage run proved the point, as they came second, behind T1.

Having said that, it was when the Knockout Stage came around that EDG actually stepped up. They defeated RNG in the domestic battle in the quarterfinals, showing that this time around they’re LPL’s hope. Then, they flipped Gen.G in semis, just like DK: after going 1-2, they took Game 4 and 5 with Scout carrying the team on his back.

This is the first Worlds Finals for EDG, and the first time they’ve come so far after so many years. In the last few editions, EDG was always eliminated during groups. It will be their golden chance to win it all and bring the trophy back to China, after FPX’s success in 2019.

DK vs EDG Match Analysis

After what we’ve seen in the semifinals, there has been a lot of question marks regarding the possible outcomes of this series. Some fans think it’s going to be very close, others reckon that DK will dominate EDG.

There are two things that are going to be essential in this series. First, it’s the preparation done these days: one week between semis and the finals gives both teams enough time to analyze and prepare the strategies. Draft will be so important in these series, especially since there’s enough data about the champions played.

EDG – Mid-bot centric focus

Secondly, which is related to the first point, is the two team’s identity. On one side, we have EDG, a team that enjoys playing mid-bot centric, paired with a scaling champion in the top lane.

While usually most scaling tops are punishable early on, there’s one at Worlds that is so strong that it can hardly be targeted. That champion is Graves: no wonder Flandre played the champion 9 times already, it’s the perfect solution to EDG’s weakness in the game plan. Not only that, but by first picking him, you can have the flexibility of putting him in the jungle, giving you even more draft edge. We’ll see if DK comes up with an answer or they’ll straight up ban him.

DK – Top centric focus

DK, on the other hand, prefers to play a lot more around mid and top. Their Herald pickups are very often, as they have an average of 1.29 Heralds per game. Their goal is to utilize the Herald on the two solo lanes to break the map and gain a substantial gold lead.

In order to make this strategy work, DK is most comfortable when picking aggressive skirmishers. Champions like Lee Sin, Talon, and Xin are perfect junglers for reaching this goal. Pair those with a Twisted Fate, Leblanc, or Syndra and you’ll always have a strong jungle-mid duo that can roam around the map.

In most cases, those roams are towards the top lane. Khan, at his last Worlds appearance this year, has been a crucial key to DK’s success. With how the meta shifted towards top lane carries, we’ve seen how comfortable he looks on those champions. The matchup up there in the top lane will be very indicative of how the series might go. If DK is able to constantly punish and snowball Khan, then we might witness a 2-time World Champions.

EDG vs DWG KIA – Worlds 2021 Finals Predictions & Markets

With that being said, the predictions are going to be based on how the two teams will effectively play their own “game”. The whole series will very much depend on who creates more impact on the map. That, however, will be down to the mid-jungle duo, especially in the early game.

Based on recent performances, we still think that DK is stronger coming into this series. Showmaker and Canyon have been so consistent with their gameplay. Even if DK was losing, they never seemed like the weakest link. If they’re able to keep their peak form during Finals, it will be very hard for EDG.

Having said that, EDG does have a chance: they might not win the 2v2, but they can rely on their super carry in the later stages of the game. All will come down to how the game state will be by the time Viper gets his power spike. For me, however, DK will still beat EDG 3-2. (

Now that we’ve done all the analysis and predictions, we can also list out the most likely bets to happen in this Worlds 2021 Finals. You can find our best choices and the respective odds below. If you’re looking for more bets, go to bet365 and start playing!

Note: odds are related to Map 1 (Game 1), with the final two being about the series as a whole. It’s suggested to watch the draft to pinpoint the best choices. The list will include the best odds based on our analysis:

Match MarketSelectionbet365 logo
Map 1 WinnerDAMWON Kia@ 1.50
First DrakeEdward Gaming@ 2.00
Kill HandicapDAMWON Kia (-6.5)@ 1.83
First TowerDAMWON Kia@ 1.66
Total KillsOver 23.5@ 1.83
Total inhibitorOver 1.5@ 1.57
Total Towers Destroyed Over/UnderUnder 12.5@ 1.90
Total MapsOver 4.5@ 3.20
Match HandicapEdward Gaming +1.5@ 2.10