The International 2022 heads to Singapore – Location revealed for Ti11

The Internationale is by far the biggest esport event for Dota, and it frequently boasts the biggest prize pool in esports as a whole. The tournament is going to be making a move this year though. The initial announcement video for the International 11 has shown some detail on how the tournament is going to run. Including that the International 2022 is taking place in Singapore for the very first time.

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The International 2022 heads to Singapore

Valve have unveiled the first details for the International 2022. This time around the tournament is going to be taking place in Singapore. This is the first time that the tournament has moved over to Southeast Asia. Suntec Centre is the venue of choice, and indoor stadium in Singapore. However, this hasn’t been confirmed in the initial reveal for the International 2022.

The location has been hinted at over the last few weeks, with teaser images giving some hints about the location change. However, we do now have full confirmation now of at least where the tournament is going to be taking place. The International has often been held in the USA, sticking there from 2012 through to 2017. However, it has also been held in other locations. It began in Cologne, moved to Vancouver in 2018, and Shanghai in 2019. Most recently, it was held in Bucharest.

In 2020, the International did not take place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, the tournament was due to be held in Stockholm. However, there were too many player visa issues due to the ongoing pandemic. The event was held in the end somewhere else, taking place in Romania instead of Stockholm. It also had to go without a live audience.

Singapore becomes an esports city

Singapore is a new location for the International. However, it’s become a big location for esports in recent years. Many events like the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship are also taking place in the country.

This news about the International’s new location gives us a bit more information about what we can expect from the next big tournament for Dota. However, it’s going to be a bit longer before we get full details like how the Battle Pass is going to be ran this year.

There’s still a long way to go for most teams before they face the International. A lot of Dota Pro Circuit tournaments are already on the go, but it’ll be a bit longer before we get a decent look at which teams are going to be taking part. The Stockholm Major has just taken place, with a strong performance from past winners OG.

The tournament has remained incredibly popular setting records both for viewership and for the prize pool. This year looks set to be the first International to be held in the normal format for quite a while, so it has a lot of anticipation heading in.