BTS Pro Series Season 7 SEA Playoffs Predictions and Betting Analysis

The BTS Pro Series Season 7 SEA has narrowed down the contenders to top seeds and dwellers. With The International coming real soon, it’s quite a blessing in disguise that we still get to witness T1 and Fnatic in action.

The two powerhouses lived up to their names by making it into the upper bracket of BTS Pro Series Season 7 SEA Playoffs. However, they didn’t exactly dominate their matches, which is a cause for concern and debate. Let’s go over the four BTS Pro Series Playoffs matches and set our expectations and predictions.

Execration vs Fnatic

Fnatic concluded their group stage run with a close fourth-place finish, hence their next opponent is Execration, the first seeds.

For starters, Execration’s win rate wasn’t anything to brag about, but it was their consistency of wins and ties. Whereas Fnatic had more clean sweeps, along with as many overwhelming losses too. What matters is that Execration swept the series against Fnatic in the group stage earlier, putting them at a massive advantage.

Although, keen observers will tell you that Fnatic’s drafts have been ridiculous in the BTS Pro Series Season 7 SEA. They have had some weird hero combos, and it almost seems like they were just testing strategies for TI10. The odds are still in favor of Fnatic since they are the more reputable team, and of course, being a TI10 contestant leverages them as well. Fnatic is anticipated to win at x1.61 versus Execration at x2.23 odds.

If Fnatic keeps testing drafts they might lose a game or two once again. This match is ideal for Live Betting, and if you see some draft shenanigans go for Execration.

Galaxy Racer vs T1

T1 rose to fame earlier this season at the WePlay AniMajor when they secured a second runner-up finish. Nobody anticipated T1 to even qualify for TI10, let alone have a convincing rank of sixth place in the Dota Pro Circuit 2021 (DPC 2021).

T1 has much to thank Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon for their recent power spike. The young Thai prodigy is also one of the swiftest pro players to reach 12K MMR, marking his strength as a top player.

As for Galaxy Racer, surprisingly, their Dota 2 odds weren’t as bad as we expected for going up against T1. They have x2.18 returns versus T1 at x1.65 returns. Nevertheless, it’s a tough decision to bet against T1, despite their loss versus Galaxy Racer earlier in the groups.

Team SMG vs Army Geniuses

Down in the lower bracket, it’s not as carefree for the participating teams as elimination is at their doorstep. Malaysian squad, Team SMG has several notable players, namely Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng and Damien “kpii” Chok. Unfortunately, they had a couple of roster shuffles since the DPC 2021 started, so they aren’t as consistent as we had liked them to be.

Up against Army Geniuses, team SMG is still indisputably the more seasoned candidate to side with. Their group stage clash ended in favor of SMG anyway, so we had expected the same outcome again. Dota 2 odds-wise, it’s a one-sided duel, where team SMG has x1.23 odds against Army Geniuses at a whopping x3.97 returns. Going for an SMG sweet at 2:0 (1.83) seems like a reasonable choice.

Motivate.Trust Gaming vs OB Esports x Neon

Lastly, Motivate.Trust Gaming and OB.Neon have been underwhelming in the BTS Pro Series Season 7 SEA. We somewhat expected OB.Neon to have a much better time, but that wasn’t the case.

Both teams head into their elimination series, but OB.Neon still has the upper hand in odds. Frankly, that’s really the sole factor, considering it was a tie when these two battled in the group stage. MTG’s drafts seemed more aggressive, to which OB.Neon countered with durable picks themselves.

If you go to GG.BET, MTG is on the short end of the stick at x2.81 returns while OB.Neon is favored at x1.41 odds.

These are the matches set for the first day of playoffs at BTS Pro Series Season 7 SEA. Perhaps we might see the TI10 contestants take a tumble into the lower bracket or vice versa. Which will give us a good idea of our expectations for our SEA representatives at the Internationals this September.

Of course, if you are looking to have some Dota 2 betting fun at TI10, this is a good practice session.