Conclusions after the first two days of The International 2019

The International 2019 has finally begun and we’re about to enter the third competitive day of the Group Stage. In this article, I will take you through the results of the first two days, analyze them and offer my predictions for the next two days.

The International 2019

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The International 2019 Group A

In Group A of TI9, the situation is roughly the one you would expect: Team Secret and PSG.LGD are dominating the opposition while Chaos Esports Club and Keen Gaming are struggling at the bottom of the standings table. However, some of the teams that started the tournament among the favorites underperformed during the first two days and will depend on the following two to secure an Upper Bracket spot at the Main Event.

In particular, Team Liquid has been having a lot of problems and they simply can’t seem to find a way to win in the current meta. KuroKy and his teammates only got one victory and one draw out of their first five matches and are now sitting at number 7 in their group. The reason why this is a huge surprise is simple: Liquid played in the Grand Final of the last two Majors and looked like a championship winning team. No doubt, nobody expected to see them having to fight to stay in the tournament during the Group Stage.

The complete results in Group A after the first two days of The International 2019 are the following:

  • 1st: Team Secret: 8 points (4 matches)
  • 2nd: PSG.LGD: 8 points (5 matches)
  • 3rd: Mineski: 5 points (4 matches)
  • 4th: TNC Predator: 5 points (5 matches)
  • 5th: Alliance: 4 points (4 matches)
  • 6th: Newbee: 4 points (4 matches)
  • 7th: Team Liquid: 3 points (5 matches)
  • 8th: Keen Gaming: 2 points (5 matches)
  • 9th: Chaos Esports Club: 1 point (4 matches)

The International 2019 Group B

The second group of The International 2019 has been filled with surprises and upsets. First of all, nobody expected OG to be at the top of the standings table with 4 wins and 1 draw after their first 5 matches. And even more shocking, nobody expected Natus Vincere to be 2nd in their group with 7 points after their first 5 matches. But there it is, we have two underdogs leading a group in which there’s also Vici Gaming, Evil Geniuses and

In VP’s case, they seem to be repeating their disappointing performance from last year. It’s not yet clear what’s going on with them, but the three times Major Grand Finalists are doing almost as bad as Liquid. They’re currently sitting at number 7 with 3 points after their first 4 matches.

The complete results for Group B after the first 2 days are the following:

  • 1st: OG: 9 points (5 matches)
  • 2nd: Natus Vincere: 7 points (5 matches)
  • 3rd: Vici Gaming: 7 points (5 matches)
  • 4th: Evil Geniuses: 5 points (5 matches)
  • 5th: Infamous: 4 points (4 matches)
  • 6th: Fnatic: 3 points (4 matches)
  • 7th: 3 points (4 matches)
  • 8th: Ninjas in Pyjamas: 1 point (4 matches)
  • 9th: Royal Never Give Up: 1 point (4 matches)

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