Dazzle Dota 2 Guide – Prevent Allies from Dying in Patch 7.16

Dazzle is a support hero who excels at babysitting his carries during the laning phase and keeping them alive during team-fights. He can provide a massive amount of utility and survivability to his team. Dazzle tends to build items which further aid his allies during team-fights. He can deal a surprising amount of damage since Poison Touch and Shadow Wave deals physical damage and his ultimate reduces the armor of enemy heroes.

He has the potential to deal a lot of damage when using all his spells in conjunction and if you can surround enemies with allied units.


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Dazzle Item build

Starting Items

  • Tango
  • Healing Salve
  • Clarity
  • Enchanted Mango
  • Iron Branch
  • Observer Ward
  • Sentry Ward
  • Animal Courier
  • Smoke of Deceit

Early Game Items

  • Magic Wand
  • Arcane Boots
  • Tranquil Boots
  • Urn of Shadows

Mid Game Items

  • Glimmer Cape
  • Mekansm
  • Force Staff
  • Solar Crest
  • Spirit Vessel

Late Game Items

  • Lotus Orb
  • Guardian Greaves
  • Scythe of Vyse

Situational Items

  • Aether Lens
  • Eul’s Scepter of Divinity
  • Ghost Scepter
  • Aghanim’s Scepter

Dazzle Skill Build

  1. Poison Touch
  2. Shadow Wave
  3. Shadow Wave
  4. Shallow Grave
  5. Shadow Wave
  6. Weave
  7. Shadow Wave
  8. Shallow Grave
  9. Shallow Grave
  10. Talent
  11. Shallow Grave
  12. Weave
  13. Poison Touch
  14. Poison Touch
  15. Talent
  16. Poison Touch
  17. Weave
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Complete Dazzle Spell guide

Poison Touch

Dazzle poisons enemies in a cone, dealing damage over time and slowing them. The duration of the spell is refreshed whenever an enemy takes damage. The spell is usually left at level one and skilled lastly, since your other spells are usually more helpful. It can be good to get two levels, since all aspects of the spell increase with each point. Between levels 1 and 2, the DPS more than doubles, the cooldown decreases, cast range increase and number of targets doubles. The slow and duration also increase but these are slightly less significant. Overall, if you can be aggressive in the early game, it can be very good to get more than one level in the spell.

Poison Touch has a very low mana cost, and dazzle has a very large mana pool, which makes this spell quite spammable during the laning phase, especially if you bought a Clarity or Enchanted Mango. The spell deals physical damage, so try to use it on enemies with low armor to maximize its efficiency.

Shallow Grave

Dazzle prevents the target allied unit from dying for 5 seconds. This spell is usually maxed after getting one point in it before level 6. It has a relatively short cast range in the early levels which makes it not as strong in the early game, especially considering the 60 second cooldown at level 1. Aghanim’s Scepter makes Shallow Grave an AoE ability with 450 Radius. The spell requires good positioning throughout the game in order to utilize it effectively. You should prioritize the spell on your core hardest Dota 2 heroes or the ones that you need to keep alive in team-fights. Do not use it if you think that you might need to use it on a more important hero soon.

The spell can be a bit hard to use effectively, as you may misjudge the amount of damage an ally is about to take. You may feel that you have an extra second to wait before casting it, but it can be incredibly risky, as you may not be in range or if you’re not facing the right direction and have to factor in turn rate as well. If you carry a teleport scroll you may be able to farm in places which your allies may not have been able to otherwise. This is because you can simply Shallow Grave and teleport away if the enemy team are lacking disables or ways to cancel your teleport.

During the mid game you should be near your carries or at least ready to get to them quickly in case they are ganked. If there is little farm on the map, your carrying may farm areas which might be a little dangerous or risky if you are stood behind them. Hide out of sight so that you are less likely to be gone on, for example in the trees, and be ready to use Shallow Grave and your other spells to keep them alive.

Shadow Wave

Dazzle heals the target with a chain heal which bounces to nearby units as well as dealing damage to any nearby enemy units. An enemy can take damage from more than one healed unit, which means if it is used on summons or illusions surrounding an enemy, they will take a massive amount of burst physical damage. The spell is usually maxed first because the heal and damage are stronger in the early game while health pools are smaller. It also gives you a degree of kill potential especially if you have melee heroes. Dazzle is always healed when using this spell.

If you are playing against a melee offlaner, try to use it on your creeps as the enemy comes in to last hit, as this will cause them to take a lot of damage from all of your healed creeps. However, this will also push your lane towards the enemy’s tower, which you should avoid doing if the lane needs to be pulled back for your carry to farm safely. It should also be avoided if you can zone the enemy offlaner effectively, as this will keep them away from XP range. If your carry has left the lane, or if you are able to farm a lane against an enemy hero, look for these kinds of opportunities as may deal a surprising amount of damage.


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Dazzle manipulates the armor of all units in the target area, increasing allies’ armor and decreasing the armor of enemies over time. The buff is only applied to units in the area of effect upon cast, and the spell provides vision over the full area for 3 seconds. It has a relatively low cooldown and mana-cost, which means it can be a good spell to scout areas such as the Roshan pit.

Consider whether it’s more important that you use the spell on your own team or the enemy team, or if you’ll be able to get some of both. If you have lots of physical damage on your team, then it may be more important to lower the armor of your enemies, so that they will deal more damage. Consider also if your team needs to tank up against the enemy team, and if so who you need to prioritize it on. It lasts for 24 seconds, so try to use it before the fight start in order for it to build up armor over time.

Best Dazzle Talents

Level 10: +75 Damage or +200 Health

In general, the extra health is almost always a better option. It will help to tank you up against all damage and is usually more helpful than the alternative. The damage could be nice if you’re in a situation where you are playing against several squishy heroes with low armor, but even then the extra health is always helpful.

Level 15: +125 Cast Range or +20 Shadow Wave Heal / Damage

The extra Shadow Wave Heal will increase your total healing quite considerably, since it’s applied to every unit it bounces to. The damage isn’t as significant unless you’re playing with an illusion hero or someone who spawns creeps, as they’ll be able to surround enemies more easily. On the other hand, the extra cast range greatly benefits Dazzle since he has 4 active spells. This is most important for Shallow Grave followed by Shadow Wave, as it makes it much easier for you to save your allies and keep them alive, while not having to worry about your own positioning as much.

Level 20: +50 Movement Speed or +45 Poison Touch DPS

The extra movement speed is almost always a better option since it allows you to position yourself far more easily for your spells which ultimate may save your allies. An additional 50 movement speed is also a very significant amount which makes the talent quite impactful. On the other hand, the extra damage can be good if your team-fights are long and drawn-out and you have lots of allies who attack enemies with right-clicks in order to maintain the spells de-buff.

Level 25: -4s Shadow Wave Cooldown or +0.5 Weave Armor Per Second

In most cases, the extra armor per second is a more valuable talent since it greatly helps your team to withstand physical damage in the late game, and can also be used to make enemies take more damage from your carries. However, if a large portion of either your or the enemy team’s damage is magical, then it may be better to get the reduced Shadow Wave cooldown. It will reduce the cooldown down to 2 seconds, which although can be very taxing on your mana-pool, it can be very good at sustaining your team through longer fights if you can keep yourself alive.

What Items to build on Dazzle

Starting Items

  • Tango
  • Healing Salve
  • Clarity
  • Enchanted Mango
  • Iron Branch
  • Observer Ward
  • Sentry Ward
  • Animal Courier
  • Smoke of Deceit

Dazzle needs very few starting items to be effective in his lane in Dota 2 esports. Basic regeneration and enough mana regeneration are all that should be needed. Beyond this, you should get all support items necessary. You can also start with a Wind Lace if you intend to get Tranquil Boots. Dazzle has above average movement speed, but a Wind Lace will help you to position yourself and kite enemies around more easily,

Early Game Items

Magic Wand

A Magic Wand should be gotten in almost every single game, and if not, at least a Magic Stick. It’s a very cheap and effective regenerative item which greatly benefits the hero at almost all stages in the game.

Arcane Boots

Arcane Boots are usually the best boots to get on Dazzle. This is because he has a lot of low cooldown spells and has an innate healing spell to replenish his and his allies’ health.

Tranquil Boots

Dazzle’s spells don’t have overwhelmingly high mana-costs and the hero also has very high intelligence gain per level. This reduces the need for Arcane Boots every game, especially if one or more heroes on your team will get them.

Urn of Shadows

An Urn of Shadows is a great item on Dazzle because the hero does a lot of fighting in the early game. You should be able to keep your allies alive and turn fights around in your favor and hopefully get some kills or assists. This makes an Urn of Shadows a very strong item on him, and the item itself also provides his team with more healing and utility.

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Mid Game Items

Glimmer Cape

A Glimmer Cape is a great mid game item as it can be used to keep yourself or your allies alive in team-fights even more easily. A Shallow Grave and a Glimmer Cape cast on a threatened teammate will go a very long way in keeping them alive, especially if the enemy team lack detection.


A Mekansm is another great utility item on Dazzle which will help you to achieve your goal of keeping your allies alive for longer.

Force Staff

A Force Staff is perhaps a bit more of a situational item, but in general it’s a very good item on Dazzle. It can be used to help you reach your allies more easily and it can be used to get either you or your allies away from danger in team-fights.

Solar Crest

A Solar Crest is a uniquely good item on Dazzle. This is because his spells deal physical damage, and the minus-armor from the active will increase the damage that all of your spells deal in addition to all of the physical damage from your allies. The evasion or accuracy also make it a great item in case you are playing against a hero with evasion or if you’re playing against lots of physical damage as well.

Spirit Vessel

A Spirit Vessel is a very strong upgrade to Urn of Shadows. It should almost always be gotten if you are playing against lineups with strong healing abilities or health regeneration.


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Late Game Items

Lotus Orb

A Lotus Orb can be a very strong late game item on Dazzle. If you are playing against silences, you can use it on yourself to purge yourself from them and cast your spells before dying. You can also cast it on whichever ally on your team is getting focused down in team-fights. This will reduce the likelihood of enemies using their single-target spells on them and also purge them from any de-buffs. It also provides even more armor which can be very strong against lineups with lots of physical damage.

Guardian Greaves

If you purchased Arcane Boots and/or a Mekansm, then Guardian Greaves can be a very strong and natural item to get afterwards. It provides an even stronger active, and will also purge you from any de-buffs when used. If you’re playing against lots of slows or silences, Guardian Greaves can be a great item.

Scythe of Vyse

A Scythe of Vyse is an incredibly strong late game item on any hero. The mana and mana regeneration it provides will allow you to cast enough spells throughout team-fights and the active provides an incredibly strong disable. However, if you find that you are struggling to stand anywhere near the front-lines of a fight, then it may be better to skip this item, as you may be limited to the back-lines of a fight, out of range of being able to use the item effectively. However, if you have lots of gold and the game goes very late, you should always consider a Hex.

Situational Items

Aether Lens

If you’re playing against very mobile heroes, it may be very dangerous for you to approach the battlefield. This makes the increased cast range it provides very valuable, as you can cast your spells from an even safer distance. It can also be very good if the heroes on your team are very mobile, as it will help you to reach them even if you won’t be able to keep up with them.

Eul’s Scepter of Divinity

A Eul’s Scepter provides a lot of mana regeneration which can be a strong form of mana regeneration if you went for Tranquil Boots instead of Arcane Boots. The active it provides can be very helpful if you have few spells on your team which cancel channeled spells such as the TP scroll. It can also be a very strong defensive item if you’re playing against silences or slows, or if you just find yourself being gone on a lot in team-fights.

Ghost Scepter

A Ghost Scepter is another strong defensive item which will keep you alive against physical damage dealers who can burst you down very quickly.

Aghanim’s Scepter

An Aghanim’s Scepter is a rather unique item on Dazzle because of the rather unusual bonus it grants Shallow Grave. In general, it isn’t really worth the price tag. However, it can be helpful if you are playing against a hero such as Dark Seer, Magnus or Enigma, as they can catch your team out of position, and you may be able to save several allies with it.

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Interesting Dazzle Match-ups

Ancient Apparition

Ancient Apparition’s ultimate will prevent any healing on your team, which makes Shadow Wave a lot less useful. If a target is affected by Shallow Grave it will not kill them. However, it lasts a lot longer than the spell, which means if they are low enough, they will die immediately after its effects wear off.


Axe’s ultimate will pierce the effects of Shallow Grave, instantly killing them. This makes Axe an incredibly strong counter to the spell.


Silencer’s ultimate is very strong against Dazzle. It can be used when ganking one of his allies to prevent Dazzle from using Shallow Grave to save them. This makes defensive items which purge Dazzle from de-buffs, such as Lotus Orb, Euls’ Scepter or Guardian Greaves very important.


Any spell which can banish a target can be quite strong against Dazzle. This is because if Dazzle uses Shallow Grave on a carry, they can keep attacking for several seconds usually, but any kind of Banishment will prevent from doing so.


Any hero who can spawn illusions or creeps can potentially deal a lot of damage to enemies when combined with Dazzle’s Shadow Wave. Be on the lookout for opportunities to use the spell effectively.