Hardest Dota 2 Hero – Top 5 Hardest Heroes in Dota 2

Over the decade of Dota 2, players have grown to love even the hardest heroes in the game. Perhaps that’s because individual players love the thrill of mastering advanced heroes and their unique skills. Whether it’s for bragging rights or there is a certain advantage from playing such heroes in the game, we will be breaking down some of the hardest heroes to play and what’s its deal.

On a side note, a word of warning to newer players, it is recommended to steer away from picking these heroes while you are learning the game.

Hardest Dota 2 Hero

Who are the hardest Dota 2 heroes?

Every Dota 2 hero has its own difficulty level and ways to master it. Some are more straightforward then others in terms of mechanics. Playing a hero at a very high level takes hundreds of hours of practice, especially if you consider how many match ups and scenarios it come across. Mastering a solid amount of heroes or the hardest Dota 2 heroes in the game can take thousands of hours of investment.

Here’s our top selection of five heroes in terms of difficulty, skill requirement and time investment to master.

1. Invoker

More often than not, the hardest Dota 2 heroes are subjective to players’ preferences. For instance, the hero Invoker is basically a complicated hero with 10 skills at his disposal. Yet, Invoker is among the most popular heroes to date, and perhaps for good reasons. “The Wombo Combos.”

If there’s one thing that keeps Invoker players going, it’s most certainly the combos it can perform. The International 2017 Champion, Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi, is known for his exceptional mastery on his signature hero, Invoker.

Thanks to its vast skillset, Invoker can use four or more skills consecutively to deal AOE damage on multiple enemy heroes. This makes seasoned Invoker users an independent threat to the entire enemy team, as a fine Invoker can easily earn rampages alone.

However, most casual Invoker players would usually stick to 2-skill combos, which definitely makes the hero seem somewhat lackluster. For instance, the Forge Spirit plus Cold Snap combo only requires one click of a button, and Invoker just needs to auto-attack the target. Invoker can be the hardest Dota 2 hero for you if you are unable to mechanically execute his combos quickly and accurately.

2. Meepo

On the other end of the popularity spectrum, Meepo is definitely not a popular hero, but with a decent win rate to boot. Just like Invoker, most advanced heroes have one thing in common, quantity. In the case of Meepo(s), it’s the high number of units that Meepo players need to control. A Meepo only has 2 active skills, per se. However, its defining trait is having up to five Meepo units to manage.

Dota 2 hardest heroes

Attempting to keep track of every single Meepo is already a difficult task itself making him the hardest Dota 2 hero if you cant flip around the minimap quickly. However, it’s the fact that every Meepo suffers the same fate if one of them gets killed. Thus, it really defines the whole “one-for-all” philosophy on the hero.

When appropriately used, Meepo can become an efficient farming machine, as every Meepo can collect gold and experience in multiple locations across the map. Meepo players leverage their win rate by dominating the game early. As the game reaches midgame, Meepo would reach its peak strength, and victory is very much assured. However, if the game goes on too late, Meepo can fall in effectiveness really quickly, due to its incompatibility with late-game items such as BKB and physical damage items.

Oh, furthermore, Meepo is a popular pick among ‘smurfs’ (high-skilled players queueing in lower-skilled games) as low-skill players do not have a clear grasp of game timing and objectives in the game. Chances are, they would fall victim to Meepo’s Blink and Poof combo in mere seconds.

3. Chen

Another hero that requires excessive micro-managing skills is Chen. Commonly played as a support hero, Chen’s skills aren’t much to talk about, besides being able to control any non-hero unit.
Chen’s stronghold revolves around gathering jungle creeps as part of his troop. Once he has gathered the maximum number of creeps, these creeps provide all sorts of active skill and auras. In other words, a Chen player gets the worst of both worlds, the obnoxiously high quantity of units and unique skills to use reliably.

Although not a popular pick in pub matches, Chen is seen frequently in pro games. Prominent players such as Johan “N0tail” Sundstein and Clement “Puppey” Ivanov, would pick Chen solely for the incredible auras to support the team indirectly. Furthermore, Chen is also a hero that snowballs well into the midgame, making him one of the strongest midgame support heroes.

Fun fact: Chen has the lowest pick rate of all time, except Mars, Snapfire and Void Spirit, who were only introduced into the game last year. For keen learners, playing Chen isn’t the worst hero to start learning. After all, you could always just control jungle creeps that do not have any active skills. However, the real concern is when you lose a fight, and all your creeps end as a buffet for the enemy heroes. Once again, you would have to painstakingly gather your creeps, that is if the enemy hasn’t destroyed your Ancient yet.

4. Io

Io is a hero that revolves heavily on having good allies around. A simple reason to why Io is a hard hero is the requirement to play around your teammates. As if it isn’t already a difficult task itself to cope with the strangers, you just get matched up in a team. But if an Io is good and so is his team, BEEP! BOOP! There goes your MMR down the sewers.

Unlike most supports, Io’s skillset revolves around being tethered to a single ally and continually buffing him with heals, auras and etc. Yet, it’s not always easy to be beside your fighting carry, while the enemy team sees you as a walking target. Like most masteries in Dota 2, to play Io properly is to master positioning and timing. To be at a place during the right moment, so that you don’t risk dying without having any impact.

Hardest Dota 2 Heroes

That said, recent players have overcome Io’s reliant weakness, by controlling a non-hero unit with a Helm of the Dominator. This means Io does not need to be tethered to an ally hero, and can just play alone. Although traditionally classified as a support, two-time champion, Anathan “ana” Pham revolutionized the carry Io meta. The mad lad won every game in the International 2019 when picking Io.

However, Io remains as one of the lowest picked heroes to date. While not as bad as Chen, Io’s win rate remains at an all-time low for good reasons. That aside, if you could dedicate your games to just Io, it would be a matter of time before you realize what a beast Io can become when played the right way.

5. Earth Spirit

The final hero to make it into our list of hardest heroes is Earth Spirit. Earth Spirit is often played on the support role, due to his versatile set of skills. However, the most nerve-racking skill to get a grip of is the Boulder Smash (Q skill). To put it in perspective, it’s similar to playing FIFA on an eagle’s eye view, but without auto-targeting. This means that the boulders that you kick, can move at any angle, making it a challenging skill shot to land. Earth Spirit is the hardest Dota 2 hero to master if you are still getting used to the game mechanics.

Frankly, Earth Spirit is unjustifiably disregarded despite its immense potential as a support hero. He’s durable, has high mobility skills and can deal damage from afar too. Putting aside the incredible mastery required for the hero, Earth Spirit might even be considered as the Burj Khalifa of all supports.

Once again, his win rate and pick rate certainly did not do him justice. Watch this absurd clip, where Maroun “GH” Merhej, playing Earth Spirit, single-handedly manhandled a 6-slotted carry.

In the end, its important to note that every Dota 2 Hero has a certain difficulty level. When you watch professionals play games, you might not realize how difficult it is to execute certain plays as it looks effortless. But behind every great play there is hundreds of hours of failed attempts.