Simple Disruptor Dota 2 Guide to winning MMR in ranked games

Disruptor is a popular pick among Dota 2 support players for good reasons. He has four active skills, which all have its impact throughout the game, and even has Aghanim’s Scepter to scale well into the late game.

He is a good pick for players across the board for all MMR tiers, and an essential Dota 2 hero to master.

Disruptor Dota 2 Skills

Disruptor Dota 2 skills are important to understand fully, as they do unique things for various situations.

Disruptor Dota 2 Abilities

At level 1, Disruptor would want Thunder Strike to harass the enemy in his lane. It deals a generous 140 damage and slows the target. A player can land several auto-attacks too, making Disruptor one of the best one-to-one contestants, who would win the damage output fight.

Then, you would want to level up Glimpse, which is arguably the most powerful skill Disruptor players pick him for. Its target range can reach up to 1800 distance, which is great for hunting down escaping opponents. When that occurs, the opponent would likely be dead or must pop BKB to avoid getting glimpsed into a horde of enemies.

Dota 2 Disruptor win rate and pick rate on DOTABUFF

While not as important as Glimpse, players will want at least one level of Kinetic Field before level 6. It generates an inescapable barrier around the target AOE and combos well with his ultimate, Static Storm.

Dota 2 Disruptor’s Glimpse range reaching 1800 distance

Finally, Static Storm is a silencing AOE spell that deals decent damage as long as the opponents remain in its AOE. But because the damage is incremental, Disruptor Dota 2 players would want to use Kinetic Field to keep the opponents stuck here for longer duration.

Simple is better – Disruptor Dota 2 Guide

Now that we know the skills and its mechanics, we understand Disruptor is an easy hero to play as support. You can go pos-4 or 5 depending on what your role is. However, being able to farm your game-winning items quickly would be key to success.

Disruptor’s common items include Tranquil Boots or Arcane Boots depending on the situation. As hard support, Arcane Boots might be expensive, so Tranquil Boots still works wonders. It offers the highest movement speed, which comes in handy to get that Glimpse off. Otherwise, if your team draft needs higher mana consumption, the Arcane Boots are the more expensive alternative.

Force Staff is also useful as a utility item that you can push yourself around. But it’s even more effective to push your ally away from danger, even if it’s for a mere second. That can often be game-winning for your carry to activate BKB or even lifesteal. Glimmer Cape is also another escape or saving item that is fit for Disruptor.

If the 1800 cast range isn’t enough, Aether Lens is a popular item to further improve your long cast range. This, when coupled with the neutral item, Telescope, would enable you to cast your spells safely.

Dota 2 Disruptor Luxury Item

Unless the game drags until Roshan’s third respawn, the Aghanim’s Scepter offers a powerful upgrade to Static Storm. It makes Static Storm mute items too, such as BKB, which means enemies caught in the AOE will not be able to escape or use any items.

However, considering the price, a wise Disruptor Dota 2 player will evaluate whether Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade is useful in that game. For instance, in matches, where the enemy has various active items, such as Manta Style, BKB, Satanic, etc. Muting these items comes off as a massive value-added benefit for Disruptor.

After all, Disruptor is still ultimately an ideal candidate to play as hard support. So, there will always be more crucial items to buy, such as wards and Gem of True Sight. Gem comes in handy when your team is winning, so you can deward the enemy jungle. Fun fact, Disruptor’s Kinetic Field provides vision on cliffs, so don’t place your sentry on cliffs just to deward.

As such, Disruptor Dota 2 players can often be very flexible about their itemization in every game because Disruptor is a jack of all trades that rivals even the best Dota 2 heroes.