Dota 2 Leaderboards – The Ultimate Bragging Right & Getting There

The Dota 2 leaderboards are an essential part of the game’s competitive scene as they serve as a metric to benchmark player performance. Like most ranking systems, the leaderboards in Dota 2 are based on MMR (Matchmaking Rating), which is a numerical value that has been modernized as medals.

Yet, the use of Dota 2 leaderboard can have both positive and negative effects on players. On one hand, they can provide motivation and a sense of accomplishment for players who perform well and is serious about going pro. On the other hand, they can create pressure for players to perform well and can negatively impact players’ mental health and well-being.

This is because the Immortal Rank and Dota 2 leaderboard are synonymous with skills, which leads to toxicity even in the top 1000 dota 2 leaderboard. For instance, an Immortal Rank 50 player often feels displeased when matched with a mid-500th Immortal player. After all, the MMR gap between the two players could be in the thousands.

Dota 2 Leaderboards

How to get displayed on Dota 2 leaderboards?

Depressing it may be for the toxicity that low Immortal-ranked players face. Even if you’re not at the top of Dota 2 Leaderboard, you’re still better than the noobs stuck in Archon.

That said, it’s a 24/7 grind to make it into the Dota leaderboards. It takes a little more than casual matches, instead, you essentially sacrifice your social life, neglect loved ones, and constantly think about the game outside of the match, but hey, the prize is worth it, right?

Well, not quite.

Being in the three-digit rankings will merely root you a couple amateur team offers if you are considering going pro. To join the ranks of Esports powerhouses, such as Tundra Esports or Aster, you have to be in the top-100s.

Track your rank on the Dota 2 Leaderboard

Say you are an Immortal player, well, firstly, we are truly honored that you visited our article. Even then, to track your rank on the Dota 2 leaderboard page will require at least the top 1000 rank.

Unfortunately, the official Dota 2 leaderboard page does not disclose player MMR, so your best bet to know whether you are in the top 1000 will be on your in-game profile. Right under your glorious Immortal rank medal icon, there should be a number, which will be your Immortal Rank.

Controversies in Dota 2 Leaderboards

Besides the general toxicity among Immortal players, it’s certainly not a flawless system due to the limited player pool. In China Dota 2 leaderboard, high-profile players often get blackmailed by other Immortal players, who systematically abuse the matchmaking system. These unethical abusers track pro players’ Dota 2 leaderboard standing and livestream to match in the same game.

This enables them to grief in the game by feeding unless the pro players pay them a ludicrous bribe.

On a more comical debate, regional rivalry on Dota 2 MMR leaderboard is always a fun topic. Southeast Asia has an infamous reputation for being the toughest region to gain MMR. Whereby, the myth proved to be true after Western players flew to Singapore for the International 11 to encounter losestreaks.

Meanwhile, the Thai prodigy, Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon has the highest MMR Dota 2 account after becoming the first 13K MMR player in SEA server.

23Savage 13k MMR

How Dota 2 leaderboards affect matchmaking?

Dota 2 leaderboards play a crucial role in the game’s matchmaking system. The matchmaking system uses leaderboards to match Immortal players with opponents of similar skill bracket. This prevents players from matching with opponents who are significantly better or worse than they are, resulting in a more enjoyable match experience. Well, at least that was how it was intended.

There are drawbacks to using leaderboards in matchmaking. One of the main criticisms is that the MMR system does not take into account a player’s skills or mechanics. This results in players being ranked higher on the Dota 2 leaderboards than they deserve by being a one-trick pony.

Since the third-party Dota Plus application became popularly used, opponents are able to see every player’s most played or best heroes. This, although legal to use, can cripple players who have honed a single hero consistently.

Dota 2 account boosting in Dota 2 leaderboard

Many talented Immortal players have resorted to account boosting even in the Dota 2 leaderboards. Unfortunately, the Dota 2 Esports scene is still unsustainable for amateur pro players to survive financially, and boosting is seen as a viable income path.

Over a decade of Dota 2 history, and the Dota 2 leaderboard has remained largely the same. It’s a numerical value, which Immortal players reach the peak from time-to-time. As such, the Dota 2 leaderboard is ultimately a bragging right for Dota 2 players to flex about having a top MMR Dota 2 account.