23savage becomes first Dota 2 player to reach 13,000 MMR

Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon is the Thai prodigy that currently plays for Talon Esports. As of 13 December 2022, he became the first player to reach 13,000 MMR. What’s even more mind-boggling is that he did it in the proclaimed toughest Dota 2 server, Southeast Asia.

23Savage 13k MMR

The 13K MMR Club is established

There are barely enough pro players who has made it past the 12K MMR. Yet, 23savage broke the record beyond the already impressive accomplishment. According to 23savage’s personal tweet, he spent three weeks of MMR grinding, where he played every hour, it seems. In fact, this might not be too surprising after all, considering he also holds the title as the first 12K MMR player in March 2021.

While 23savage’s proficiency in Dota 2 is phenomenal, that does not always translate to good team performance. Sure, Talon Esports is a relatively new team in the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) and have stomped the SEA scene. However, after Talon’s premature elimination in the International 11, it’s evident that 23savage and his team are lacklustre.

Congrats, 23savage!

Nevertheless, it’s an impressive accomplishment on 23savage’s part, which is commendable for such a young player. And it would be undermining 23savage’s talent as a carry player if we can’t overlook Talon’s mediocre performance.

Perhaps we might just see Talon Esports live up to the hype and expectations of housing the world’s first 13K MMR player when they compete in DPC 2023 Division 1 bracket. The Division 1 SEA of DPC 2023 is packed with formidable opponents, such as BOOM Esports, Fnatic, and Team SMG. Additionally, not to exclude the newcomers, Blacklist International, Bleed Esports, and Geek Fam, which all feature seasoned players.

Well, at least Talon Esports has the bragging rights to having a 13K MMR player, which will be months before we see a potential candidate. On the Dota 2 leaderboards of SEA region, 23savage is followed closely by Yuri “Yowe” Pacaña from Army Geniuses, Teng “Kordan” from Bleed Esports, and Armel “Armel” Tabios from Fnatic.