Important Dota 2 roster changes from around the world

The shuffle period is over and the Dota 2 rosters are now locked until the end of The International 2018. These are the most important transfers that took place during this shuffle. Keep reading if you wish to improve your Dota 2 knowledge and be able to get the best out of your esports betting.

ddc left LGD.Forever Young, joined VGJ.Thunder

LGD.Forever Young was a sensational team at The International 2017, where they dominated the group stage and went on to finish the tournament in 3rd place. However, after this huge success, LFY simply vanished, much like Wings Gaming after their triumph at The International 2016. In the new competitive season, LFY went from one failure to another and, so far, has only managed to attend 3 Dota Pro Circuit LAN events, and all of them were Minors.
To put an end to this situation, LGD.Forever Young sold their captain (ddc) to VGJ.Thunder, effectively helping them become one of the strongest teams in the region.

Ohaiyo was released from Fnatic, joined LGD.Forever Young

After being released from Fnatic and replaced by UNiVeRsE, Ohaiyo was signed by LFY. The Chinese team also signed Yao from LGD as their new captain in order to replace not just ddc, but also Inflame, who had to take a break due to a health problem.

ohaiyo leave fnatic esports

Na’Vi traded RodjER for’s Lil

Na’Vi and swapped their position 4 support players in a trade that sparked a lot of controversy due to the fact that both organizations belong to the same holding company and the trade brings Na’Vi much higher in the Dota Pro Circuit rankings (Lil had almost 3 times as many qualification points when he moved than the entire Na’Vi team combined).
No doubt, RodjER is more than happy with this transfer, as he is good friends with the players. I’m not so sure about Lil though.

Black^ joined Clutch Gamers

After more than 7 months of absence, Black^ recently joined Clutch Gamers, a team with a completely new and entirely European roster that will be competing in the Southeast Asian region. Black^ will play within the team as the position 1 carry and will be joined by 4 other well-known Dota 2 players: MagE-, SkyLark, AfrOmush and Yol.

Last Section Black^ esports

SoNNeikO left Na’Vi, LeBronDota replaced him

Soon after the trade between Na’Vi and was announced, SoNNeikO left his team and was replaced by LeBronDota, a player who had played as a stand-in for Na’Vi before. In their new formation, Lil is the team’s captain (although he keeps is position 4 support role) while LeBronDota will play as the position 5 support.

w33 joined Penta Sports

After moving around for a while and playing with a few different teams without much success, the former Team Secret and Digital Chaos player w33 decided to join Penta Sports. Since he’s a very good midlaner, this acquisition might help Penta Sports quite a bit in their quest to qualify for more Dota Pro Circuit LAN events. So far, they’ve only participated in one this season (ESL One Genting 2018) and they didn’t do very well, finishing 13th-16th.

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