Muerta Dota 2 Guide to countering every Hero

Muerta is the latest undead granny with a heartbreaking backstory hero that Dota 2 players can now enjoy. On top of her unique skill set, Muerta can be a versatile hero that fits both carry and support roles, which makes her the most popular hero right now, yet with an underwhelming 45% win rate.

Muerta Dota 2

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Muerta Dota 2 Skills

Muerta is an Intelligence-based hero with three active skills and a passive. Her first skill, Dead Shot, works as a ricochet that hits all units it passes, much like Pangolier’s Swashbuckle without the hero moving along. Whilst being an instant wave-clearing ability, Dead Shot’s secondary effect is fearing an opponent hero on impact.

Since the Fear effect’s direction depends on the shot’s trajectory, it can be used in a creative way to force the opponent into an awkward position. Yet, Dead Shot isn’t even overpowered in the grand scheme of her other skills, besides being very effective versus mobile heroes.

Her second ability, The Calling, is an AOE spell that does various effects. From the slow and reduced attack speed to a decent damage output from the rounding revenants that also silences on-hit.

Her passive, Gunslinger, gives her an extra proc of second attack. At max level, it’s a 50% proc chance, which essentially lets her deal double auto-attack damage.

Lastly, Pierce the Veil, her ultimate, makes her immune to physical damage, similar to ethereal form. However, she also begins dealing magic damage in this active form with phased movement. This makes her a perfect counter against supports that buy Ghost Scepter and Ethereal Blade, while rendering physical-damage enemies obsolete.

Muerta Dota 2 stats on DOTABUFF

Muerta Dota 2 Carry Build

Dota 2 Muerta is marketed as a carry hero that has a similar item build with Nature’s Prophet and Lina. Utility items that offer great carry stats, such as Dragon Lance and Gleipnir. You can upgrade Dragon Lance into Hurricane Pike, but the gist of it is that these items are easy to build and offers a reliable lockdown and positioning.

These make her effective when activating her ultimate, letting her go ham on nearby enemies. Additionally, Orchid into Bloodthorn can be a massive damage boost as her passive procs alongside the silence debuff. While these items are luxurious to get immediately, with good lane potential and utility skills, opt for Midas beforehand to quickly rake up in net-worth.

Lastly, purchasing BKB might be overkill in most matches since Muerta has physical damage immunity. However, if you do get BKB, an unusual effect causes Muerta to become . Now, we aren’t certain if this is an intended side effect, but Muerta becomes immune to both damages when using her Ultimate and BKB.

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Muerta Dota 2 Support Build

Excluding her passive ability, Muerta still has versatile combo with Dead Shot and The Calling. When used wisely, Muerta Dota 2 Support players can disable a target hero up to 4 seconds. Her ultimate becomes a defensive skill, that prevents her from physical-damage carries.

Any utility item that offers saves, mana, and additional disables are viable for the beloved Muerta Dota 2 support build.

The Dota 2 Muerta hero is an interesting take on a vengeful Mexican lady’s lore, while keeping her playstyle fun. Even without Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard upgrades, Muerta is still a fantastic hero in today’s meta, much like last patch’s Lina Dota 2 build.