New players emerges in DPC SEA 2023 as T1 withdraws from Dota 2

All eyes on the Lima Major 2023, which is the first Major of the Dota Pro Circuit 2023 (DPC 2023). Southeast Asian candidates are a massive staple in majors historically and has earned the respect of other regional rivals.

As such, we are taking a deep look at the DPC SEA 2023 Division 1 bracket.

Familiar faces and departures

DPC 2023 is an incredible season for many fan expectations. This doesn’t just apply to the DPC SEA region but notably, to the Western Europe and South American counterparts too.

Representing SEA at the last TI, the International 11, were BOOM Esports, Talon Esports, and Fnatic. They performed well enough to secure a respectable slot in TI11, but it certainly wasn’t much to call home about. Nevertheless, it’s always a sight for sore eyes when the staples stay for another season. Unlike Evil Geniuses, which decided to not participate in North America anymore.

Unfortunately, much worse has happened in SEA, whereby big namesakes, such as T1, Lilgun, and RSG released their Dota 2 roster for good. Their slots are given to new teams, notably Blacklist International, Bleed Esports, and Geek Slate.

Welcoming the newcomers

Blacklist International’s debut into the competitive Dota 2 scene is a massive undertaking for the Esports org, which has traditionally participated in the mobile Esports genre. Nevertheless, they boast a seasoned stack of Filipino players, that is reminiscent of the glorious TNC Predator roster back in the 2016-2019 era.

Blacklist features iconic faces, such as Carlo “Kuku” Palad and Timothy “Tims” Randrup. But the gist of it is Blacklist is coming into the DPC 2023 SEA as a powerful force. And, if we didn’t know any better, BOOM Esports is most definitely their priority opponent to defeat.

Bleed Esports, on the other hand, also boasts seasoned players. We have young prodigies, such as Souliya “JaCkky” Khoomphetsavong and Prieme “PlayHard” Banquil. But also, a new face in professional Dota 2, Teng “Kordan” Tjin Yao. There’s no telling whether Bleed is here to stay or will be overwhelmed in their first DPC debut.

After all, the rest of the league is no stranger to promising performance, such as Team SMG, Execration, or even Geek Slate. While they aren’t heavily rooted as potential candidates to qualify for the Lima Major, they have outstanding players that many fans recognize.

DPC SEa Rivalry

SEA against the world

All in all, amidst the attention that SA and WEU teams are getting after their phenomenal victories at TI11. SEA teams are coming in stronger than we ever anticipated, especially with these line-ups packed with strong talents. Despite the fearsome outlook that the older staples are giving off, the new generation of opponents looks reliable too.

As such, there’s a lot to look forward to in the DPC 2023 SEA Division 1, which has already kicked off this week until January 30. Three qualifying slots to Lima Major 2023 are up for grabs, which is another highly-anticipated event to witness how well SEA teams fare against their regional counterparts.