Dota 2 Roster Changes: waiting for the third season of the Dota Pro Circuit

With the second Dota Pro Circuit being over and the third one knocking at the door, the usual post-TI shuffle period is already underway. So let’s take a look at some of the most important roster changes that have been made public so far.

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PSG.LGD Lost two key members

After finishing 2nd at The International 2018 and 3rd at this year’s edition, PSG.LGD will have to replace two of their team members for the 2019-2020 competitive year. That’s because fy, the roster’s captain, along with QQQ, the team’s coach will not be available for the near future. QQQ left the organization entirely while fy went inactive until he takes care of a personal health issue.

So far, PSG.LGD has not announced any new acquisitions, so I’m very curious to see whom they will bring. QQQ shouldn’t be irreplaceable but fy will be much harder to substitute. His knowledge of the game is so vast that very few Chinese captains can match it. And I can’t see PSG.LGD bringing someone from outside of China, because that would ruin the internal communication of the team.

QQQ, Team Coach of PSG.LGD

© LGD Gaming

Forev joins SK Telecom’s newly formed team

After dominating the League of Legends scene for a number of years, the famous South Korean organization has finally decided to get involved in Dota 2 as well. Their team will be called T1 and the first member has already been announced: Forev. This is a very good player with a lot of experience at the professional level and quite a few impressive results. Among them, 4th place at The Shanghai Major 2016, 1st place at Dota Pit League Season 4, 5th – 6th place at The Manila Major 2016, 5th – 6th place at The International 2016 and 9th – 12th place at The International 2017.

FOREV joins SK Telecom Team

© T1

Sccc starts playing for Team Aster

Sccc, the former midlaner of Newbee and TI finalist with this team in 2017, will be playing in the upcoming season for Team Aster. After a completely failed season with Newbee, this is exciting news both for him as well as his new team. With Sccc on board, Aster’s chances of qualifying for DPC events more frequently will definitely improve. Last season, the team took part in 2 of the 5 Majors and finished last both times. As for The International 2019, they missed the event entirely.

Sccc joins Team Aster


Dendi has joined the Pango

Dendi obviously still loves the game and he’s trying to compete at the highest level. For a player of his caliber, it’s actually strange that he had such a miserable season in 2018-2019. But perhaps with this transfer to a CIS team, his spirit will be rekindled and he’ll inspire everyone around him to strive for perfection. The CIS region is not exactly stacked with amazing teams at the moment, so anyone that trains hard may secure the second or perhaps even the 1st CIS spot at the upcoming DPC events.

Dendi joins Pango

© R1CH for Team Liquid

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