TI9 Fantasy team – Dota 2 TI9 Fantasy roster picks

If you wonder how would the TI9 Fantasy Team look like, we have prepared something special for you. The sole purpose of this article is fun, but this can also be helpful for those of you who enjoy fantasy betting. Stay tuned and read our TI9 fantasy prediction.

Even though there are 5 positions in Dota 2, every player is filling that position differently. Based on their own, and teams, play-style. Here, we will try to create the TI9 Fantasy Team, a team that consists of the best players from different teams. This is based on my personal opinion and their performance during The International 9 group stage from my perspective. If you don’t agree with me, feel free to comment down below.

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TI9 Fantasy Team

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TI9 Fantasy Prediction

Almost every fantasy pool have the same rule. You can’t pick more than 2 players from the same team. With that being said, we will try to make our TI9 fantasy team consisted of 5 individuals from at least 3 different teams. Just try to imagine what would these 5 five-star players do if they play together.

Position 1 – Carry (or Hard Carry) 

Positions 1 purpose is to farm as much gold as possible, avoid unnecessary deaths and deal the most damage during fights. One of the most important characteristic that great position 1 player should have is a huge variety of heroes that he can play. And if someone has a great variety, it is surely OG.ana. I think that he has shown the best performance on this position, and because of his variety of heroes that he can play, it is almost impossible to counter him. For example, he played with “Io” as a carry (io is popular position 5 support) and completely obliterated teams with that hero.

Position 2 – Mid (Ganker or Semi-Carry) 

There are a lot of amazing mid players, but the one that stands out is OG.Topson. Just as mentioned, a variety of heroes is really important, and OG.Topson has amazing hero pool. But the thing that makes OG.Topson stands out from everyone else, is that he has “bully” playstyle. He will make some weird choices that make no sense but work for some reason, just so he can tilt the enemy team, making them do mistakes and lose fights eventually.

Position 3 – Offlaner 

If you see that PSG.LGD.Chalice has a net worth that is on pair with a carry or mid, do not be surprised. He perfectly knows when it is time to farm, and when it is time to harass enemy heroes, especially carries. During team fights, he can be so strong that he can even solo kill position 1 and 2 heroes.

Position 4 – Support (Roamer)

Roamer is a position that requires you to be all over the map, and help attack enemies or help your teammates if they are being attacked or harassed too often. I think that the best player in this position is Team Secret.YapzOr. This guy is simply everywhere. You can see that by the number of assists that he has in every single match.

Position 5 –  Support (Babysitter)

Positions 5 primary role is to give vision for your team, deny enemies vision, and create space for your position 1 and 2 to farm. And the person that can create the most space out of nothing is OG.N0tail. Sometimes it might look like he is unnecessarily feeding, but at the end, you will notice how much the other team is wasting time on him, while his team is pushing towers or doing Roshan, or just simply farming.

As you can notice, the majority of players in our TI9 Fantasy Team are from OG and PSG.LGD, because so far, they were the most impressive teams during this TI. Of course, Team Secret and Vici Gaming are doing great and they have amazing players. However, I believe that players from OG and PSG.LGD were a bit more impressive during the group stage of TI9 and they will most probably continue to play like this.

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