TI 9 European Qualifiers: preview and favorites

The International 2019 is only 5 weeks away and the qualification battle in Europe is about to begin. At stake is one ticket for this famous tournament and eight teams will try to grab it.


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The European Qualifiers for TI 9 are scheduled to take place between July 11th – 14th.


The eight participants at the EU Qualifiers for The International 2019 are the following:

  • Epic Name
  • Anti-MagE-
  • six eight two
  • Hippomaniacs
  • Bald
  • Team Singularity
  • Chaos Esports Club
  • The Final Tribe

The last 2 teams on the list received direct invitations to be here. The other 6 went through Open Qualifiers. Based on this fact alone, you can probably guess that these two teams are, at least in theory, significantly stronger than the rest and should be regarded as the main favorites at winning the tournament.


As I was mentioning before, the two big favorites are Chaos Esports Club and The Final Tribe. Apart from these two, I would also put Bald and Anti-MagE- on the list, simply because of their impressive rosters. Both of these teams have formed very recently and have little experience in playing as a unit. But within them there are some pretty legendary players and analysts. So the potential for upsets is definitely there.

Here’s a brief look at each of these four teams.

Chaos Esports Club

The most important members of this team are MATUMBAMAN, MISERY and KheZu. All three of them are experienced and accomplished players. One is a TI champion, another one is a TI finalist and the third played one season at Team Secret. Because of their individual talent, Chaos is in principle the strongest team in this tournament. But they will still have to play their best to win, because their rivals aren’t weak either.

The Final Tribe

Although they’ve had no real achievements this season, The Final Tribe is a stable pro team with a lot of veterans in it. Against the likes of Secret and Liquid, they have no chance. But they did beat teams like NiP in Major qualifiers, so their potential shouldn’t be underestimated. Especially at this much lower level of competition.


Bald’s roster is made up of at least four recognizable players: gorgc, Stormstormer, SexyBamboe and EGM. In particular, EGM is a former TI champion with Alliance. This thing alone makes him a formidable competitor and someone who could potentially come up with winning tactics and strategies. Keep in mind that at this regional qualifier, there’s not a single major European team. All five of them have earned direct invites to The International 2019, making room for a 6th team to join them.


And finally, we have Anti-MagE-. This is another team with a solid roster. Just consider some of the names: syndereN (perhaps the most famous analyst in Dota 2), GeneRaL (former Na’Vi player) and MagE-, an excellent midlaner and pub star who has been playing professionally for three years.

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