Valve has finally released the Immortal Treasure 3

Recently Valve finally released the Immortal Treasure 3 for Battle Pass owners. Many fans have been waiting for it to arrive for a long time and they can now finally enjoy it. Valve has decided to introduce a total of 10 items through the Immortal Treasure 3. This includes six items of regular rarity, one Very Rare Item, one Ultra Rare item, a cosmically rare emblem, and a Rare 50-level Battle Pass boost.

Immortal Treasure 3 released

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Fans are disappointed

While fans have been eagerly waiting for this to arrive, it seems like most of them aren’t happy with it. According to some fans on Reddit, they don’t like the fact that heroes such as Axe and Necrophos have received another Immortal, while Chen, Techies, Io, and Arc Warden haven’t received any Immortal item yet.

Although Lycan and Mars have finally received their Immortal Items through the much-awaited treasure, fans just aren’t happy with it. One thing to keep in mind here is that Techies and Io previously received Arcanas, meaning that Chen and Arc Warden are the only two heroes who have been completely ignored by Valve. Three other heroes, Clinkz, Slardar, and Terroblade also received Immortal items through the Immortal Treasure 3.

Biggest prize pool in esports history

With only 10 days left until The International 2019, fans can only hope for the best now. No matter how much they complain, they won’t be able to do anything about it. With that being said, TI9 is going to make history as it will feature a prize pool of more than $31 million. This is going to be the biggest prize pool we have ever seen in the history of esports. The Immortal Treasure 3 can also give a boost to the current prize pool of TI9.

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