One Transfer to Rule Them All – wins 3rd Major

It’s a known fact across all team-based esports titles that individual skill really makes a big difference, and that one exceptional player can significantly improve a team’s results. RodjER’s transfer from Natus Vincere to took place just 6 weeks ago. And in these short 6 weeks,’s strength has increased in a Bitcoin-like fashion. VP is now in a class of its own and is dominating even the scariest Dota 2 teams in the world.

At the recent Bucharest Major, VGJ.Thunder had crushed everyone until the Grand Final, and then got destroyed in 3 quick games by a team that looked literally bored. played that match like it was some kind of charity event where they had to compete against a provincial nobody just to raise some money for a good cause. The fans who went to Bucharest just for the final day of the tournament likely spent more time traveling than watching the Grand Final in Bucharest’s Polyvalent Hall.

With this victory, has claimed a total of 4 titles in the 2017-2018 Dota Pro Circuit, earning more than 1.5 million dollars from these achievements and 7197 qualification points for The International 2018. In other words, they’ve already qualified for this prestigious event, even though there are still 10 tournaments to be played before we get there. By comparison, imagine a football team winning its group and qualifying for the World Cup when around half of the matches haven’t even been played yet. That’s how dominant has been during this Dota 2 season.

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PGL Bucharest Major 2018

The last team that managed to be so dominant and win consecutive Major titles was OG. And I’m sure they would have kept winning if their most played heroes and strategies hadn’t been nerfed into the ground. With being so dominant right now, and with patch updates being released every 2 weeks, I think it’s just a matter of time until IceFrog comes up with an “antibiotic” for this lethal VP playstyle that’s taking over the professional scene, killing every team in its path.

However, regardless of how the game will change until The International 2018, it’s likely that will adapt better than most of the lineups and claim the uncharted territory created by the new patches for themselves. After all, this is the team which proved that the sky is the limit when it comes to its versatility. Let no one forget that championship title at DOTA Summit 7, where won in an unprecedented way: by not repeating a hero pick until the last game of the event, at the score of 2 – 2 against Team Secret in the Finals. VP picked a total of 81 different heroes and played 17 games in that tournament.

With Solo as captain, Artstyle as coach, and highly skilled players in every role, is likely to keep dominating the Dota 2 professional scene for quite some time. And, just like Team Liquid last year, they’re starting to look like the next TI champions even before this tournament begins.

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