Dota Pro Circuit 2021 Season 2 NA Upper Division Betting Tips & Odds

The Dota Pro Circuit 2021 (DPC 2021) Season 2 kicks start the North American Upper Division Season 2 today. The North America region redeemed themselves after pulling off an incredible run at the Singapore Major, primarily thanks to Evil Geniuses. The powerhouse made it into the grand finals, falling short to their Chinese rival, Invictus Gaming.

Nevertheless, the Dota 2 player base has come to fear the region’s one and only candidate to make it into The International.

CCnC Dota 2

Quinn “Quinn” Callahan

The North America Upper Division Format and Teams

It’s the second iteration of the DPC 2021, so tournament format and even participants are relatively similar. Group stage games are single round-robin best-of-three matches. Where the top two teams will proceed to the second major of DPC 2021.

Except for the two Lower Division Season 1 winners, simply TOOBASED and The Cut. The qualified teams played exceptionally well to secure spots in the Upper Division Season 2.

As for the others, Evil Geniuses, Quincy Crew, Undying, 4 Zoomers, Black N Yellow, and PentAce (formerly SADBOYS) are no strangers in the Upper Division group.

Unlike their European counterparts in DreamLeague Season 15, NA kicks off their DPC run more conservatively, without the big contenders facing each other just yet. However, there is some interesting match ups going on and maybe some underdog bets you could place.

Evil Geniuses versus The Cut

After being dissed by their opponent, Zhou “Emo” Yi from IG, Evil Geniuses are looking forward to making it into the second major. Of course, Invictus Gaming will probably be there too, so there’s a chance for revenge match.

Back in their home region, there’s no doubt that EG is the undisputed strongest. The first place spot is pretty much guaranteed at this point, leaving the rest of the competition to compete for the only group stage slot. Hence, it’s highly anticipated of EG to win every match, which includes their match versus The Cut. As much as we want to give The Cut, who has an x10.77 odd, the benefit of an underdog. There’s absolutely no way they can fair up against EG at a pitiful x1.02 return in Dota 2 odds.

We would propose betting on an exotic market like Total Kills (Under 30.5) on both maps for Evil Geniuses. We expect The Cut to rollover faster than the time it takes EG to rack up 30.5 kills. Placing this beat in-play before the games kick off will likely net you x1.83 (-120) and 1.78 (-128) over at, which is still a good bargain deal considering how poor of a matchup this is.

4 Zoomers versus PentAce

4 Zoomers ended with a fourth-place finish at the last NA Upper Division. After all, the team is led by formidable players, such as Nico “Gunnar” Lopez and Samuel “Sammyboy” Anderson. Many fans might know Gunnar as a pub star, having played against some of the best NA players to date casually.

On the other hand, Clinton “Fear” Loomis’ brainchild PentAce, hasn’t been on a good start. Former EG captain Peter “ppd” Dager has seemingly left the team after flopping the first season. Hence, 4 Zoomers have the advantage in terms of age, so it’s not difficult to believe 4 Zoomers will wipe the floors with PentAce. 4 Zoomers has an x1.31 odds versus PentAce at x3.24 (+224).

We would recommend going down the correct map score route for 4Zoomers at 2.09 (+109).

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Undying versus The Cut

Team Undying was one of the three teams to get into a tiebreaker for the top two spots last season. They fell short to EG and Quincy Crew but is still an overwhelming foe for every other opponent in the group. Up against The Cut, which doesn’t have much to show, Undying has horrible odds for us to recommend.

Esports bookmaker, puts The Cut on an x8.36 (+736) while Undying has an x1.05, definitely isn’t much to be betting on. Instead, if you have a Benjamin to spare for fun, The Cut is your best underdog for the first week of NA Upper Division games. It’s even more unbelievable to bet against EG, so one against Undying isn’t exactly mission impossible.

Of course, the North America region isn’t the only one having action-packed Dota 2 for the coming weeks, as every region has its own matches varying by time zone. Right before the NA Upper Division, the Europe Upper Division is all the rage with the return of one of team OG’s founding members.

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