Dota 2 DPC Pre-Christmas Week – Match Predictions and Betting Analysis

It’s soon the festive season, and even pro players need a break from the hustles of DPC 2021-22. Nevertheless, the matches on December 21 are worth a mention since we already spent three weeks watching how these DPC candidates fair up.

We have matches across most competitive regions, but I am opting out to select three matches that are having a high impact on the regional leagues ahead of the holidays. The odds in our selection today are courtesy of GG.BET.

Team Liquid vs Team Secret

The two rivals have faced each other one too many times. Their most recent encounter at OGA Dota PIT Season 5, ended up with Team Secret on top, disputing the myths that Team Liquid is stronger than the lather.

Even so, the odds are still relatively even at approximately x1.90 returns. Presumably due to Team Secret’s poor overall performance in DPC 2021-22, losing to both team OG and Nigma Galaxy. We have seen Clement “Puppey” Ivanov pull off unorthodox drafts that worked like a charm, but OG and Nigma got the better of Puppey.

Team Secret still isn’t as synced as we anticipated with Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan and Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang. At some point, it paints SumaiL and iceiceice as less ideal allies of Team Secret, compared to its former.

Nevertheless, despite the poor showing Team Secret has put on, they probably can give Team Liquid a run for their money again.

Team OG vs Coolguys

OG’s upcoming matches are relatively laid back if we have to say so. Or dare we say that OG could wind down a little, after facing most of the established opponents early. Coolguys are the underdogs in the Division 1 DPC 2021-22 and haven’t won a single game. It surely puts fans at ease that this game is in the bag for OG.

That said, we aren’t glorifying OG as a strong contender in the DPC 2021-22, since they are average at best. Sure, they beat the hailed EU powerhouse, Team Secret, but frankly, that victory seemed like a fluke. For context, Team Secret picked Grimstroke mid for Sumail, and Winter Wyvern for iceiceice.

Anyways, OG could potentially be a strong contender for top-four finishes in the DPC2021-22 WEU. As for Dota 2 odds, OG is expected to win at x1.04 against Coolguys at x9.66 returns. You can play a match market that the game will be sub-30 minutes.

Undying vs 4 Zoomers

Meanwhile at the DPC North American 2021-22, Undying and 4 Zoomers are interesting contenders in a region, where Evil Geniuses was the only reigning esports powerhouse. In fact, fans are questioning EG’s performance after they lost to Black N Yellow and Wildcard Gaming.

Anyways, Undying and 4 Zoomers are well-received for their consistent performance thus far.

Undying’s stack has been together since January 2021, giving them the leverage as a seasoned team. This, compared to EG, paints the powerhouse as a laughingstock. Undying debuted at the International 10 (TI10), which was just the financial support they needed to stick and play together.

The Zoomers didn’t have the Cinderella story they hoped for, is still a team to root for. Their new line-up has several high-profile players, that aren’t infamous for their lack of synergy. Most notably, David “Moo” Hull is highly regarded for being an impactful support player, who has his priorities revolved around his teammates’ laning experience. Couple him with a prodigy like Nicolas “Gunnar” Lopez, and 4 Zoomers could be going places, like the first DPC Major finally.

However, the odds are in favor of Team Undying at x1.27 odds since they haven’t dropped a match, while 4 Zoomers is at x3.6 returns. I’d be open to placing an underdog bet for 4Z to cause an upset here.

This time around, we had more reference on the teams’ recent matches from OGA Dota PIT S5 and many weeks of DPC2021-22. The DPC2021-22 games will return in the first week of January 2022, so we recommend checking out the esports bookmakers for upcoming match odds.