All Eyes on the Underdogs – Dota Pro Circuit Division 2 Match Predictions

Aside from the powerhouses in Division 1 bracket, the Division 2 of Dota Pro Circuit 2021-22 (DPC2021-22) does have decent candidates too. These are rising stars that have their eyes set on winning, which ultimately lands them an opportunity in Division 1 next season.

Here’s my selection on some interesting teams and matches for the upcoming weekend.

After all, who doesn’t love an underdog moment, eh?

Tal “Fly” Aizik’s new home for the season isn’t putting up results

CIS Rejects vs Gambit Esports

The CIS Rejects, or better known as the remnants of Notable players, such as Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev, Pavel “9pasha” Khvastunov, and Vladimir “RodjER” Nikogosian have their roots way back in’s glorious days in 2018-2020. They received showers of fame and glory for hoisting Eastern Europe’s pride in esports betting.

However, things haven’t been great since their departure. As the former allies went their separate ways, their influence in the EEU scene diminished greatly despite landing roles in various new powerhouses. After that mishap, it’s great to see the players join forces once more, but through a humble start.

CIS Rejects made it into Division 2 bracket via the open qualifiers, and immediately stole the show. Sure, it’s not as glamorous as winning Majors, but it’s a much better pace than team-hopping. Their upcoming match versus Gambit should be a breeze because CIS Rejects’ rank on scoreboard, roster, and drafts look promising on paper.

Kudos to the famed captain and hard support player, Artsiom “fng” Barshak. The odds reflect CIS Rejects at x1.40 versus Gambit at x2.80 returns.

Chicken Fighters vs No Bounty Hunter

Meanwhile, Chicken Fighters are all the craze at Western Europe’s DPC Division 2. The squad consisted of old-school Swedish talents, namely Adrian “Era” Kryeziu and Charlie “CharlieDota” Arat. While it’s certainly no Fnatic’s era anymore, Chicken Fighters’ development isn’t too shabby for a team from closed qualifiers.

They didn’t break a sweat defeating staples from Division 1 bracket, such as Brame and Into The Breach. As the team creeps closer to becoming a Division 1 hopeful, perhaps a little insight into how Chicken Fighters deliver their outstanding performance.

Chicken Fighters takes drafting to the next level by progressively counter-picking their opponents. Couple that with confusing first picks, and Chicken Fighters is evidently winning the mental warfare. Well, this comes as no surprise, considering the players’ background in notable powerhouses.

As such, these experienced veterans have the leverage in terms of odds at x1.05 versus No Bounty Hunter at x8.50 returns.

Talon Esports vs InterActive Philippines

Overlooked and forgotten, best describes the new team in the Southeast Asian Division 2, Talon Esports. It’s Tal “Fly” Aizik’s new home for the rest of DPC2021-22 as the former Evil Geniuses player venture outside of his typical scene.

However, Talon hasn’t been performing well for players of such calibre. Besides Fly, there are Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte and Damien “kpii” Chok, big names in the SEA region. Talon’s strategy revolves around late-game assurance, but still wants strong midgame potential. It’s arguably greedy and only reflects that Talon doesn’t have an absolute playstyle.

Putting aside the stats and drafts, Talon is up against InterActive Philippines, one of the weakest opponents around. Thus, the dota 2 odds greatly favor Talon at x1.10 versus IAP at x6.25 odds.

Balrogs vs Unknown Team

Speaking on underrated regions, the South America region fits that criterion for sure. Sure, the three SA teams deserve honorable mentions for qualifying the International 10 (TI10), but participation is nothing to brag about.

That said, Balrogs is eyeing on becoming the next Division 1 participant. Their phenomenal results in the DPC SA left many in awe due to their reliance on big plays. Yet, they still frequently deliver what they were expected of, making light work of enemy’s drafts.

Mark our words that Balrogs is aching to play in Division 1, especially with such overwhelming skills and stunts. As for Unknown, their roster shuffle after TI10 absolutely backfired and is performing worse than its former. Their downhill trend will likely earn them a spot among the ranks of worst Dota 2 acquisitions, worst yet, Unknown will also lose their Division 2 spot.

Balros’ popularity has surged since their winning spree, which puts them at x1.04 odds versus Unknown at x9.00 odds.

There are quite a few mentions of formidable teams in Division 2, regardless of region. What better place to seek out underdogs for dota 2 betting. With more Division 2 matches expected for two more weeks, one wouldn’t want to miss the generous esports bonus by curated bookmakers, such as LOOT.BET