Nigma, Alliance fight for elimination – DPC WEU/EEU Week 4 Predictions

The Dota Pro Circuit 2021-22 (DPC2021-22) in Europe will soon conclude its fourth week, albeit with extraordinary outcomes.

For instance, Team Secret, once hailed as the strongest in Western Europe is undeniably struggling to compete with its rivals. Nigma and Alliance are nowhere to be seen, while OG is making a surprise show of things with their new roster. Meanwhile, Team Spirit is making a power statement over in the east, as the old CIS powerhouses crumble into obscurity.


DPC EU Week 4 Hot Match Schedule

The following DPC WEU/EEU Week 4 matches are in UTC+8 timezone:

  • Alliance vs Nigma Galaxy – January 5, 10PM
  • Team Spirit vs AS Monaco Gambit – January 6, 10PM
  • Natus Vincere vs HellRaisers – January 7, 1AM
  • Team OG vs Team Tickles – January 9, 1AM

Alliance vs Nigma Galaxy

Nigma has been receiving the short end of the stick in past games, losing clean sweeps frequently. It’s bizarre watching a former championship-winning team stand no chance against their peers, but we have to give credit where it’s due. The rivalry with eastern european teams is getting competitive, especially in the current DPC2021-22 season. Many teams, notably Team Tickles and Tundra Esports have been working hard after falling short of qualifying for TI10. Hence, their efforts are finally paying off, in how effortless they overthrew the former powerhouses.

Anyways, the match between Alliance and Nigma is one of heavy stakes. Notably, because loser falls even lower into the bottom two seeds, where teams are relegated to Division 2 by end of DPC2021-22. This, of course, would pave the way to a dire situation for said team, as they ultimately miss the second Major too, and only have one lifeline to qualify for the third and last Major.

While both teams are equally underperforming, Nigma has slight leverage since they defeated Team Secret previously. Hence, putting Nigma at a comfortable x1.55 odds versus Alliance at x2.35 odds. My prediction does not sway far from these odds, and I think Nigma has this win bagged.

Team OG vs Team Tickles

Times have changed, and OG isn’t the iconic OG we knew and loved. Nonetheless, they persisted throughout the DPC2021-22 to live up to their former’s legacy. The revamped roster of misfits is currently top seeds, alongside Team Tickles coincidentally.

This match will finally differentiate the better team between the two over-achievers. OG is doing everything right for a brand new team, starting in a very competitive Division 1 bracket. They are aware of their stable playstyle and synergy being a fundamental contributor to their victories, so they stray away from using unorthodox drafts. After all, flamboyant drafts don’t matter if one can’t win with it.

Team Tickles is a seasoned bunch alongside a reliable coach, Daniel “ImmortalFaith” Moza. His experience in making hero builds for the community, coupled with his Immortal rank, certainly puts him in a good position as the team’s drafter and advisor. What’s worth pointing out is ImmortalFaith’s decision to enable his team with signature heroes that synergize well with other meta combos.

Hence, it came as no surprise that both teams are evenly matched in Dota 2 odds, at approximately x1.90 returns. If i had to pick a winner, I’d always chose OG over anyone else.

Team Spirit vs AS Monaco Gambit

Team Spirit needs no introduction. They are the undisputed TI10 Champions and are still consistently performing. With no losses in their book yet, it will certainly be difficult to bet against the champions. Whereas Gambit is mediocre at best, such that their best outcome from the DPC2021-22 is to maintain their Division 1 slot.

After watching what Team Spirit could put on the table, it’s clear that Team Spirit wasn’t a one-trick pony with a small hero pool. They have been dishing out new hero picks every match, which makes it impossible for opponents to outplay the lather. In fact, opponents are pressured to first pick Team Spirit’s signature heroes, just to prevent them from falling into their hands.

Expectedly, such drafting measures never work, and do more harm by forcing players out of their comfort zone. The odds greatly favor Team Spirit at x1.06 versus Gambit at x8.00 odds. Team Spirit’s success is inevitable, period.

Natus Vincere vs HellRaisers

Well then, onto a more even match in the DPC2021-22 EEU scene. HellRaisers have been raising eyebrows among fans after their sudden uprising and strength. Their strong performance and zero losses reflect them as a potential Major hopeful.

In terms of strategies and playstyle, we see a trend in pushing heroes, such as Beastmaster, Templar Assassin, and Razor. A perk from this playstyle is the snowballing effect it provides during midgame but at the cost of a crippled late-game scenario. Thus, HellRaisers are aware of the caveat, and always prioritize taking objectives, rather than making unnecessary pursuit on enemies.

As for Navi, they prefer a teamfight-oriented strategy, that relies heavily on sticking together and wombo combos. On paper, HellRaisers certainly has higher scores than Navi right now, but Navi’s strategy won’t be easily overwhelmed by HellRaisers’ snowballing attempt.

Thus, it will be a close series between the two teams, as the odds are evenly matched at x1.85 returns.

The fourth week of DPC2021-22 plays a vital role for teams to determine how they would want to approach their upcoming games. With only two weeks-worth of matches after this week, every victory counts, and we might just see teams pull off cheese picks that are sure-fire methods of gaining wins. As such, the DPC2021-22 is brewing thrilling matches for our entertainment, and perhaps Dota 2 betting could be up your alley.

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