DraftKings CSGO Picks – Flashpoint 3 Top Players to Pick 5/10 – 5/14

The best options for drafting Flashpoint Season 3 are available on DraftKings. For our fantasy picks, we pulled stats from the last three months of competition. This gives us a reasonable understanding of their recent performance and form going into Flashpoint 3. A handful of picks might also reference the player’s past success. These fantasy picks are chosen regardless of player salary.

The absence of Gambit, Natus Vincere and Virtus.pro make this an exciting playing field. Heroic and Astralis are set to dominate, but 14 different squads are looking to catch them off guard.

The first two seasons of Flashpoint were historic. MAD Lions and Virtus.pro both stake their legacies on their FP championships. The $1,000,000 prize pool only adds to the excitement of Flashpoint Season 3. With 16 of Europe’s best Counter-Strike teams in attendance, Flashpoint is a CSGO fantasy drafter’s dream. The double-elimination bracket will run from May 10th to the 30th.

BiG TabseN

Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz

Flashpoint 3 Top Players to Pick May 10-14

Here’s our set of picks for the upcoming DraftKings Flashpoint 3 CS:GO event.


1. cadiaN

Heroic’s triple-threat ascended to CS:GO stardom in 2020. He excels in every category.

  • .58 deaths per round
  • 72.6% KAST
  • .73 kills per round
  • 75.1 damage per round

cadiaN is at his best in drawn-out international tournaments, so let’s give the AWPer/fragger/in-game leader a 1.5x boost.

2. dupreeh

Despite Astralis’ rough streak over the last few months, dupreeh is still an excellent choice for captain. His 69.6% kill/assist/survive/trade rate is compounded by a solid 0.66 deaths per round. With over four years of experience under the Astralis banner, he’s one of the most unshakeable players at Flashpoint 3.

3. ZywOo

Team Vitality is still chasing a big title for 2021, and ZywOo is the player to earn it. His key stat is kills per round; his average sits at .81 for the last three months, only a tick lower than his .86 career standard. ZywOo is in form, and the absence of Vitality’s boogeymen point to a deep bracket run for the French.

4. syrsoN

Among the 16 excellent AWPers attending Flashpoint 3, syrsoN is the most consistent. .71 kills per round combined with his staggeringly low .62 deaths give him an average KAST rate of 70.3%. syrsoN is also famed for his skill with pistols, making him a threat from ahead or behind.

5. dev1ce

The shock transfer of dev1ce from Astralis to Ninjas in Pyjamas shook the CS:GO world to its core. The new lineup will debut at Flashpoint Season 3, though it’s difficult to make any assumptions about the GOAT Dane. However, we cannot ignore his career average of .78 kills and .62 damage per round.

Flex Picks

1. TeSeS – While TeSeS’ 80.3 damage per round and 58.8% headshot rate usually draw the most attention, his skills in the clutch cannot be ignored. He boasts a 5-2 record in 1v1s over the last three months.

2. tabseN – The beating heart of BIG has racked up an impressive 81.6 damage per round over the last three months. His standout performance at Funspark ULTI 2020 hints at a return to form for BIG.

3. huNter – While usually outshined by his cousin and teammate NiKo, huNter-’s shown up big for G2’s recent runs. His 82.5 damage and .77 kills per round make him one of the most bloodthirsty players at Flashpoint 3.

4. blameF – Our final pick is a streaky player who’s unstoppable when in form. The Danish rifler has racked up 83.1 damage per round with a 74.3% KAST rate despite also calling Complexity’s strats

5. Twistzz – The master of patience has found a home on FaZe Clan. 79.5 damage per round is compounded by his 35% survival rate, and his staggering 64.9% headshot rate is even more impressive with online play.

Put your knowledge to the test and set your DraftKings fantasy Flashpoint Season 3 CS:GO lineup here.

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