DH Master Spring Draftkings Fantasy CSGO Player picks – May 6-9 2021

What was once a LAN party in Stockholm has become the mecca of competitive Counter-Strike. DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 pitted the strongest 16 teams in Europe against each other for a $250,000 prize. Heroic is the dominant team heading into the finals, but breakout performances from FURIA and Gambit could end its reign as soon as it begins.

Only the strongest of the strong earned a spot in the playoffs, making this a true dream team opportunity on DraftKings.

For our player choices, we focused heavily on Heroic’s performance in the group stage. The stats mentioned below are all taken from the DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 preliminaries unless stated otherwise. This gives us the most up-to-date info on their performance and form going into the finals regardless of salary cap.

Gambit Sh1ro DFS


Five different Captain picks can be fit into your picks this week. Each has their own pros and cons and it’s all dependent on your budget. Here’s our roundup.


While usually one of Heroic’s less explosive players, sjuush has shown up huge so far. 50.7% headshots have earned him an excellent 1.39 KD and 81.4 in the group stage. If you want a consistent Captain guaranteed to give solid numbers until grand finals, give sjuush a 1.5x multiplier.


An essential 30 bomb from SH1RO earned Gambit a spot in the semi-finals over Natus Vincere. If the tournament ended right now, his .78 kills per round and 77.1% kill/survive/assist/trade rate would make him an obvious choice for MVP. His phenomenal 1.73 KD ratio deserves a 1.5x Captain boost.


With .87 kills and 88.3 damage per round makes s1mple one of the most impactful players at DreamHack Masters Spring 2021. Natus Vincere pays special economic attention to their AWPer, a fact that makes s1mple’s 37.8% headshot rate all the more impressive.


Astralis’ dominant group stage run relied heavily on the Danish lurker. Magisk has been on a tear through DreamHack Spring, nearly doubling his three-month average kills per round from .43 to 0.81. Astralis will run deep in the bracket, so Magisk will likely rack up points until the very end.


FURIA over Team Vitality is the biggest upset at DreamHack Master Spring so far, and it was largely thanks to KSCERATO. The rifler made a huge splash in the decider series against the French, scoring 92.9 DPR with a 74.2% KAST rate. He’s not as grizzled as the other veterans on this list, but this could be a breakout tourney for KSCERATO.

Flex Picks

Four different flex picks can be put into your roster this week. One is an absolute monster and should receive special consideration.


His stats say it all.

  • 58.8% headshot rate
  • 1.29 KD ratio
  • 73.5% KAST rate
  • 84.6 damage per round

Heroic.TeSeS is a great pick to fill out your fantasy draft as a flex pick or captain.


G2 Esports’ rifler is known for his explosiveness, but he went above and beyond against Virtus.pro. 113.2 damage per round, 80.8% KAST and several triple kills made him the man of the match. The threat of another NiKo takeover makes him a betting man’s pick.


ESL Pro League S13’s Most Valuable Player is adding to his legacy at DreamHack Masters. His stats represent a jack-of-all-trades; .74 kills and .62 deaths per round give him a solid 1.19 KD ratio, which is made even more valuable by Gambit’s projected podium finish.


Heroic looks monstrous this tournament, so a third red-and-black jersey ends our list. 0.79 kills per round isn’t the highest at Masters Spring, but a shockingly low 0.55 makes him a valuable fantasy prospect.

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Article provided by Kenneth Williams from NGame.