DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 – Match Predictions and Odds for 29/04

DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 is the biggest CSGO tournament in April, and kicking off this week. Sixteen teams will battle it out for their share of $250,000 in prize money. All of the top teams are in attendance and the competition itself is fierce. To get you started, we prepared several predictions for the opening matches of DreamHack Masters Spring that you shouldn’t miss out on.

With several teams looking to freshen up their rosters ahead of the event, there is plenty to cover in terms of expected performance and potential opportunities for CSGO betting. Lets dig right into the opening matches on April 29th.

Gambit vs Fiend

Let’s kick things off with the easiest match to predict. To cut things short, there is no way Gambit is losing this match. However, odds reflect that and there is no value to bet on Gambit to win this match. Fiend can’t find their footing right now and they are on the receiving end of quite a few losses in April.

Since this is a best of 1 match, Gambit will have plenty of options to go for. From our point of view, if they remove Dust 2 and Nuke, they win this match easily. Hence, we are going for that round handicap bet that comes with better odds.

Pick: Gambit(-5,5)

Odds: 1.44

Natus Vincere vs mousesports

Moving on to another safe pick. Natus Vincere is a force to be reckoned with and they are coming to this event with a mission. On the other hand, mousesports did show signs of life in their last 3 matches but now that they do not have a proper in-game leader, they will struggle against top teams.

We all know that karrigan had perfect counters for s1mple and he stopped him in his track several times. This time around, we do not think that this is going to be the case and Natus Vincere is going to win this match fairly easily. The best thing about it, odds are more than good.

Pick: Natus Vincere to win
Odds: 1.44

FaZe Clan vs Virtus.pro

Let’s talk about a possible upset here. FaZe is coming off from a couple of solid showings against top contenders while Virtus.pro is slowly but surely losing their footing. To be honest, both teams are in awful form right now as they got 2 wins in 4 matches each.

However, it is crucial to mention that FaZe defeated Virtus.pro easily a couple of weeks ago and that is telling us a lot. Jame and co. did not stand a chance on Mirage and Overpass. If FaZe can sway the map veto to one of these maps again, they could be in for an easy night in the office.

Pick: FaZe to win
Odds: 1.90

paiN vs Heroic

Let’s wrap things up with a small odds booster for these bets. We all know for a fact that paiN is a mediocre team that is competing in tier 2 of the South American CSGO esports scene. Contrary to that, Heroic is currently ranked as the 3rd best CSGO team in the world and that says a lot about this match.

Map pool is also heavily favoring Heroic in this one as we believe that they will have it easy against the Brazilians. But, as we mentioned above, this bet is nothing but an odds booster for your accumulators.

Pick: Heroic to win
Odds: 1.16

If we tie the four predictions into a bet slip we are looking at a solid 4.64x return over at Bet365.

Gambit vs FiendGambit(-5,5)@ 1.44
Natus Vincere vs mousesportsNatus Vincere vs mousesports@ 1.44
FaZe Clan vs Virtus.proFaZe to win@ 1.90
paiN vs HeroicHeroic to win@ 1.16
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