EA Sports and FIFA partnership ending opens new esports opportunities

One of the longest partnerships in gaming history is about to end. FIFA (the game) dominated the football simulation field with games released every year since the 90s. Yet, the FIFA organization is ending its partnership with developer EA Sports.

So what will happen next?

The current deal was to finalize at the end of the World Cup Qatar, which would normally be held this year. But it was postponed to the end of the Women’s World Cup next summer. As soon as the event is over, the two companies will part ways and players will welcome the new title of the series, EA Sports FC.

EA Sports and FIFA ended the partnership. Now What?

EA Sports and FIFA become rivals

While the game series we are used to will continue with the name EA Sports FC, it will not contain FIFA-controlled events. The final FIFA game for the two companies will be released in 2023, then paths will part.

Luckily, both FIFA and EA Sports have their own deals with players and clubs. This means that we will be able to continue to use the star players that we are used to using in the new game of EA Sports. However, due to licensing restrictions, FIFA will not be able to use some big brands, especially the Premier League and Champions League, in new games that it will develop.

According to the statements, FIFA will move in a different direction. It will offer different games and different technologies to more than one platform in order to maximize the revenues of the new product they will release.

Can FIFA compete against EA Sports?

“I can assure you that the only authentic, real game that has the FIFA name will be the best one available for gamers and football fans. The FIFA name is the only global, original title. FIFA 23, FIFA 24, FIFA 25 and FIFA 26, and so on – the constant is the FIFA name and it will remain forever and remain THE BEST.” Gianni Infantino, FIFA president said.

Difficult days are waiting for FIFA, which has left the entire development process to EA Sports for years. Although it owns the naming rights, the company does not have game development experience. Therefore, they have already started looking for new partners. According to the statements made, it turns out that FIFA wants to work with different game developers every year.

For EA Sports, things are easier. If it manages to get players accustomed to its new name, the company owns the technology for all series of football simulation games ever developed and has years of experience. In addition to this, it also holds the license of the major leagues and teams that players love.

EA Sports and FIFA ended the partnership. Now What?

Cutting ties with FIFA also opens a whole new door for EA Sports. EA can now collaborate with companies that FIFA could not establish new partnerships with due to their agreements, develop new technologies for the game and organize fresh events on the esports side.

New esports opportunities for all

Due to the long-standing silence of PES, FIFA was the sole ruler of the market. As a result, football sims and virtual sports competitions have become one dimensional. The breakdown of the partnership will bring at least two new football simulations to the market and competition is always a good thing. After 2023, both companies will do their best to win over the players, and it will be a refreshing sight to see football sims do more for the players.

In terms of esports play, we might see a new league and competitive systems developed to fit the new titles. PES purists did not enjoy how EA’s FIFA handled the competitive site of things, but never got enough traction to go their own way. With potentially three football sims on the market, we might finally get the an ecosystem that appeals to everyone.