Echo and Liquid at Jailer’s doorstep – WoW Race to World First Update

After a few days into Week 2 of RTWF, one would expect the race to be coming to an end, but it seems like things are far from it. There have been some exciting things happening in the WoW community when it comes to this race, and while a lot of people are upset that Blizzard seems to be designing raids for the sake of RTWF and nothing else in the first month of the raid.

We have to admit however, the race has been quite entertaining.

RWF Echo

The lookout for tier sets (splits) continues

It is no surprise that all of the top guilds are still looking to grab their hands on as many tier 4 pieces as possible on various characters so they can try different compositions on the progressing boss fights. At the moment, this seems to be one of the most expensive RTWF events so far, as guilds are buying certain items for over 10,000,000 million gold. That is around $1,140 for US servers or $720 for EU servers.

As guilds come closer to the final boss, tier sets are now farmed on all the alts and toons that might be used to progress the final boss. With what may work on the Jailer still up in the air, every single player wants to gear up as many alts as possible before the Jailer grind begins. In a potential re-clear scenario this would mean less time re-clearing heroics and doing splits into Week 3.

Halondrus and Anduin Wrynn finally downed by multiple guilds

It is no surprise that Liquid was the first one to down Holondrus, as they did an incredible number of 357 pulls on this boss before downing him. However, while everyone thought this would give them a massive lead, Echo, SK Pieces, 天涯 (Skyline), Method, BDGG, and Aster quickly followed with a day or two difference (4 days for the last two mentions). Considering that this boss has been nerfed, it is pretty surprising that it took so long to down the 7th boss in the raid.

Since many guilds were stuck on Halondrus for so long, a lot of new guilds had an opportunity to catch up. Aversion, FatSharkYes, and Instant Dollar managed to make their way to the mighty crab Halondrus, and we all hope everyone goes through both bosses before the reset.

Considering how difficult Halondrus was, everyone thought Anduin would give guilds even more trouble. However, Liquid and Echo quickly proved everyone’s expectations as he was defeated after “only” 216 pulls. It was later revealed that the boss fight was so easy because of a bug, where one of the deadliest abilities, “Wicked Stars,” cast by Anduin in Phase 3, did no damage and did not silence the players at all. Blizzard decided to keep this bug for now, as it would only be fair towards other players.

From other guilds, SK Pieces, 天涯 (Skyline) and Method are progressing on the percentages quite fast without even hitting the 100 pull mark. At this rate we might see, Week 3 kick off with 8 guilds progressing the Jailer simultaneously.

Lords of Dread & Rygelon not a challenge?

While the number of pulls for these two have been relatively low, they were not defeated without issues. Of course, there are many instances where the last few % are the struggle point, but we will have to wait and see if that is the case. The progress done by Liquid and Echo does not seem to be as taxing as much on the players as bosses past. Even if other guilds don’t catch up with these two bosses before the reset, everyone should be at the Jailer by Wednesday.

Jailer tuned and ready to challenge the best

Early info says that the Jailer has been tuned for the Week 3 addition of another Legendary and all the perks attached to it. Raiders from multiple guilds have already stated they are hoping for a secret phase and some hidden curve balls on this bass. Come Wednesday, I expect at least 7 guilds to be progressing Jailer and hopefully we see a kill several days after, making it a true race to the finish line.

We still need Rygelon and Lords of Dread to be defeated by most guilds, but I am confident this will happen in the next 36hours.