Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup 3 Playoffs Predictions

Now that the Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup 3 group stage came to a close, we are here to provide you with a short recap and our betting predictions. This should point you in the right direction when it comes to CSGO betting on this event. Additionally, we will try to make a full prediction until the end of the bracket just for those seeking pick’ems or CSGO fantasy play.

Eden Arena Malta Vibes 3 Playoffs Schedule

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Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup 3 Recap

All of the groups at the event have concluded play, and today we finally have the playoffs bracket and the matches at hand. Group A was not that competitive as FATE and Singularity dominated everyone.

Group B has not been contested that hard and two teams that we expected to advance did. Both HellRaisers and CR4ZY played a couple of commanding games, as they booked themselves a ticket for the playoffs.

From our perspective, group C is the most competitive group so far in this event. Ilumminar easily advanced forward and it was down to Gambit Youngsters and AVEZ for the Playoffs. After winning the first match in Overtime, AVEZ was looking good for Playoffs. However, things shifted rapidly in Gambit’s favor on Vertigo and Train and they ultimately earned the 2nd seed from Group C.

Group D went down to  ALTERNATE aTTaX and Hard Legion as was expected. Syman did have a shot at advancing but they blew their final map on Inferno against the Legion and went out in 3rd. 

The Playoffs are likely going to be a battle between FATE, CR4ZY, Illuminar and HellRaisers as the strongest four out of the eight teams.

Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup 3 Betting Predictions

As mentioned above, we are left with the Playoffs matches which will be played today (Saturday). We take a deep dive into all four Playoffs opening matches and we believe that we have found two excellent betting predictions for you to capitalize on so do not miss out.

Before we move on to predictions. FATE beat Gambit Youngsters (2-1) in the opening round of the Playoffs and have advanced forward. The HellRaisers and Hard Legion match is currently happening and you can watch it at the Eden Esports Twitch Channel. Finally, lets look at our predictions for the final two Playoffs matches and the bracket afterwards.

Our prediction works best as a two-fold bet for both playoffs matches. The matches we are predicting on are CR4ZY vs ALTERNATE aTTaX and Ilumminar vs Singularity. 

We expect both matches to go for 3 maps, meaning we can place a two-fold Maps Total bet. Your bet would look like this:

CR4ZY vs ALTERNATE aTTaX – Maps Total Over 2.5
Ilumminar vs Singularity – Maps Total Over 2.5
Doubles @ 4.10
Bet: 10$
Potential Winnings: 41$
Betting Provider: Betway

Bracket Predictions

Moving forward, we expect FATE, HellRaisers, ALTERNATE aTTaX and Ilumminar to move forward in the bracket. This would mean FATE vs AA and Illuminar vs HellRaisers in the Semifinal.

The Final should theoretically be between FATE and Illuminar and can go either way. Back at the Cyber.Bet Summer Cup it was FATE that came out as the winner. A few weeks later, Illuminar was the winner at the Nine to Five event. Based on their most recent performance, Illuminar has a slight edge over FATE in a potential final.

Do keep in mind this is purely theoretical and can easily be flipped on its head.

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