Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup 4 Predictions

Two groups have concluded their play at Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup 4. We believe that this CS:GO event is an excellent opportunity for CSGO betting aficionados to make money. This is why we want to provide our predictions and insights into certain matches so do not miss out.

Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup

Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup 4 Recap

Group A and B are heavily contested right now. In group A, both Fate and Budapest Five packed their bags already. A suprising turn of events after FATE just played in the Eden Malta Vibes 3 finals, yet both LDLC and Gambit Youngsters showed better form this week.

Group B, however, is even worse. It was obvious from the start that PACT has nothing to fight for as teams such as Illuminar and GamerLegion are much better than them. Battle for the playoffs will be quite tense as GamerLegion will look to avenge their defeat to Illuminar. All in all, this CS:GO roster has a decent chance of advancing through to the playoffs despite having a rough start. As for Illuminar, we already saw them dominate Malta Vibes 3, and we are confident they will push on through playoffs this week as well.

Groups C & D play Tomorrow and Friday, while the weekend is reserved for Playoffs.

Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup 4 Predictions

As mentioned above, there are a lot of betting opportunities that you should take advantage of. From our perspective, odds are not realistic and this is why we believe that this CS:GO tournament is an excellent chance for you to make money.

We scouted two potential matches that can be played as singles or a two-fold bet.


Most of you probably never heard about HONORIS. They are led by two Polish veterans, TaZ and NEO. On the other hand, CR4ZY is a Ukrainian based roster that did not show promising results nor gameplay that stands out.

In their last 5, CR4ZY won 4. However, they struggled in some of their matches and those could have easily gone the other way around. On the other hand, HONORIS won 2 out of their last 5.

Since this is a best of 1 match, we simply can’t rule HONORIS out. They definitely have a fighting chance, especially due to the experience two Polish veterans are bringing to the table. If HONORIS beats CR4ZY, you can triple your money, so why not go for it?

Prediction: HONORIS to win outright
Odds: 3.25
Betting Site: GGBet

AVEZ vs Singularity

From the betting standpoint, this should be a straightforward game. In their last 5, AVEZ only won 2. On the other hand, Singularity was beaten 4 times in their last 5 matches against lower-tier opponents.

This is a best of 1 match that will eventually end up on either Overpass or Vertigo. It is important to mention that Singularity will play without an important player notaN. Casle(coach) will stand in for them. He never played CS:GO on a professional level, so you can probably figure out how this match will turn out.

All in all, odds on AVEZ to win this match are constantly dropping. Most CSGO betting sites are keeping them at around 1.40 right now and we believe that this bet is basically free money.

Prediction: AVEZ to win
Odds: 1.40
Betting Site:

If you want to place an outright bet for the Week 4 overall winner; look no further than Illuminar once again. Ever since Karol “rallen” Radowicz joined the squad as a stand-in, the team has been looking reinvigorated and ready to rock.

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