Our Malta Vibes coverage continues in 2021 with Knockout Series

This summer will see the return of the EdenSports Malta Vibes Knockout Series events which will feature six separate tournaments. Aimed at the CIS and European regions, the dynamic format will surely create excitement for the fans as well as the teams. With Grid and Visit Malta sponsoring the events, it will be a good opportunity to try and garner as many fans as possible. Luckily, it seems like the tournament will be a success simply do to how much fun the format allows.

Last year, we followed all 10 weeks of Eden Malta Vibes, with weekly predictions and match analysis. This year we are continuing the tradition with weekly and monthly predictions for all upcoming Malta Vibes Knockout Series events. Furthermore, we’ve been closely following the Elisa Champion of Champions season, and will continue to do so through this event.

Eden Malta Vibes 2021

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Eden Malta Vibes Knockout Series 2021 Format

The knockout series is set to play out between August-January with six monthly events. They follow an exciting format that will reward teams in a bounty-hunter like fashion. Those who win games will have a bounty placed on them. Those who beat them will receive the bounty and have one placed on them in return. The events will feature a total prize pool of 300,000$, as well as pristine boot camp packages.

The 12 premium boot camp packages will be given to the teams that win. They will feature a stay in a five star hotel right in Malta and will be available for them to use throughout the year. A good place to boot camp will surely give an edge to the teams who gain access to it. The reward is similar to the 2020 version of Eden Malta Vibes, which we followed extensively.

Competing for these prizes will be 40 teams each season. 32 teams will receive invites to round of 32 with 8 more slots handed out when the round of 16 rolls around. On top of competing for the prize money, the teams will also have a chance at earning extra points for the Elisa’s Champion of Champions circuit. Overall, there is a lot on the line for these matches.

Tournament RoundKnockout Bounty Prize
Round of 16$1000 per K.O.
Round of 16 #2 (with 8 invitees)$1000 per K.O.
Quarter-Finals$2,000 per K.O.
Semi-Finals$2,000 per K.O.
Grand-Final$16,000 per K.O.

Add this tournament to the rapidly increasing amount of opportunities aimed at the tier 2 CIS and European scene. The more tournaments like this that are hosted the more opportunities there are for bettors to place some winning bets.

We are going to update our Esports News section with the latest updates, once more details come to light. Until then, check out our CSGO Match Betting guide to get in tune with all the ways you can maximize your profits when betting at Malta Vibes later next month.

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