Edward Gaming – New faces in the Valorant international scene

With the conclusion of VCT 2022 Last Chance Qualifiers in different regions, all the teams that will compete in VALORANT Champions 2022 have been determined. The participant list includes teams that are used to the international stage, as well as teams that will be making their global debut. The most notable of these is the Chinese representative EDward Gaming.

In 2020, while the whole world was abuzz with Riot Games’ new game VALORANT, China had to watch all this action from afar. The region’s unique requirements put both the players and the developer in a difficult situation. So much so that while most regions have their own league, China still doesn’t have its own private league.

Even so, interest in VALORANT in the country was very high. Third party organizers kept the ecosystem alive with a steady stream of tournaments, giving Chinese teams a chance to compete. After a year and a half without official events, the door opened for Chinese representatives to directly participate in VALORANT Champions 2022. With this development, teams have already participated in the FGC VALORANT Invitational to collect FGC Points, which will be used to qualify for VCT 2022 East Asia Last Chance Qualifier.

The new face in the international scene - Edward Gaming

KONE and Edward Gaming were the teams from China participating in the LCQ. With Korean and Japanese teams in the tournament, a few people gave the Chinese teams a chance to win the LCQ. However, EDG proved everyone wrong.

2022 has been full of achievements for Edwards Gaming

Valorant’s 2022 season was full of success for EDG. With their roster finalized towards the end of 2021, they started the new year ready to go. Their good preparation paid off as they took second place in the FGC VALORANT Invitational 2022 Act 1. After narrowly missing out on the championship, they defeated Team Weibo at the VALORANT Spring Gauntlet Invitational to claim the trophy.

With the wind behind them, Edward Gaming went into the FGC Invitational Act 2 as the favorite. With the support they received, they triumphed in this tournament and qualified for the VCT 2022 East Asia Last Chance Qualifier.

Flawless run at LCQ

Edward Gaming’s LCQ journey started with a 2-0 On Sla2ers win. Additionally, they didn’t just beat their opponents, they dominated them. While everyone was on the EDG hype train, REJECT also got their share of the wind, losing 2-0. The Chinese representative’s first map performances were especially impressive in the series.

The opponent between them and the Grand Final was Northeption, who qualified for Masters Copenhagen. It had gotten to the point where the opponent didn’t matter for EDG. They won their Upper Final 2-0 and then beat On Sla2ers 3-0 in the Grand Final to punch their ticket to VALORANT Champions 2022.

The new face in the international scene - Edward Gaming

With a perfect run, EDG accomplished a feat that seemed difficult for them at first. And they did it without losing any maps to their opponents. One of the architects of this achievement was the team’s top scorer ZmjjKK. The Chinese player finished the LCQ with a 1.23 rating, making him the second best player of the tournament.

With this result, we will see a Chinese team in a global VALORANT event for the first time. We don’t have to wait too long for that, as VALORANT Champions 2022 will kick off on August 31.