Evil Geniuses vs 4 Zoomers – DPC NA Tour 2 Match Analysis

The third week of DPC NA Tour 2 brings us a glimpse at Evil Geniuses versus 4 Zoomers. The two rivals have been at each other’s neck since the past DPC season, in which for the record, EG is undefeated.

As EG continues their DPC Tour 2 journey with a three-win streak, here’s a breakdown of what’s to come between EG and 4 Zoomers on April 2nd.

Evil Geniuses vs 4 Zoomers

For starters, EG unsurprisingly has better Dota 2 odds at x1.28 versus 4 Zoomers at a whopping x3.52 returns. Even a handicapped EG last Tour posed enough threat to 4 Zoomers, to make the latter seem obsolete among the powerhouses. Despite the overwhelming odds, consider betting on EG to win with a -1.5 map handicap, or a 2-1 victory, which roots x1.99 returns.

Evil Geniuses’ state in North America

Despite being one of North America’s most sustainable Esports org, EG’s DPC debut earlier this year is sloppy. Notably, their early losses to amateur teams, Wildcard Gaming and BlackNYellow, raised quite the debacle on EG’s state.

Anyhow, EG did manage to redeem themselves in the DPC NA Regional Finals, albeit losing to TeamSoloMid in the grand finals. Regardless, EG is still a formidable opponent in NA, recognized for having high-profile players. The most recent being Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka and Egor “Nightfall” Grigorenko. However, EG’s greatest strength is plausibly the mind behind EG’s strategy and drafts, Andreas Franck “Cr1t-” Nielsen.

In-game, expect EG to go ham on 4 Zoomers, especially from their mid-player, Abed Azel L. Yusop, and JerAx. This will cause Total Kills to be well over 53.5 kills, returning x2.05 reward. On the same page, EG’s Kills Handicap per map can easily be -15.5 kills, raking x2.38 odds. This is due to Abed’s playstyle around elusive mid heroes, but aren’t limited to the other EG players, who capitalize on the space Abed created from opponents going after him.

Don’t expect EG to make any impressive records on Race to kills, as they don’t make many movements during the early game. Instead, betting on 4 Zoomers to secure 10 kills first at x2.33 returns.

4 Zoomers’ winning markets

If you’re on the side of 4 Zoomers, the odds will be very high and worthwhile if 4 Zoomers upset EG. For instance, betting on 4 Zoomers to have a -1.5 Map Handicap or a clean 2:0 sweep against EG, has an x6.94 return. Even betting on 4 Zoomers to have a correct score of 2:1 will be plentiful in terms of the odds at x5.59 returns.

4 Zoomers consists of seasoned players, several of whom have played under this namesake for years, such as Nicolas “Gunnar” Lopez and Jacob “Husky” Fifik. I don’t expect them to make their debut in Stockholm Major 2022. After all, only the top-two seeds in DPC NA Tour 2 are qualified for the major.

You can bet on 4 Zoomers to secure the First Blood at x2.03 odds as they often have strong laning supports. Lastly, a neutral bet, such as anticipating the Map Duration to be over 36.5 minutes at x2.40 odds is a decent betting market too. The power gap between the two candidates is too wide to consider 4 Zoomers a worthy opponent against the likes of EG.

Finally, EG’s line-up often plays around defensive supports, which are reliable in the midgame instead. That brings us to the First Roshan Kill, which will likely be achieved by EG at x1.52 returns. Since EG often monopolizes the mid-late game, it’s safe to assume Roshan is on their to-do list too.

Exclusive odds are available on GG.BET if this showdown of NA talents caught your interest. There are more matches in DPC NA Tour 2 that are worthwhile too. TSM is an interesting NA rising star that has continuously proved their dominance over the likes of older powerhouses.