All eyes are on Evil Geniuses this weekend – DPC NA Regional Finals

Evil Geniuses is a North American esports org that needs no introduction in many esports titles. Despite being a powerhouse in Dota 2, EG’s rocky start in DPC2021-22 has left many fans baffled by its unforgiving losses to no-name teams. Although EG enters the DPC NA Regional Finals as a dark horse, the outcome of the tournament likely favors EG.

Let’s take a look at EG’s their potential run in the bracket, and the competition they are facing.


Evil Geniuses and their embarrassing DPC run

Third place in the DPC NA Division 1 was the best EG could achieve, falling behind Quincy Crew and TeamSoloMid (formerly Team Undying). They only have themselves to blame during the early weeks of DPC NA Division 1, where they lost easy games to Wildcard Gaming and Black N Yellow.

Even so, EG recuperated from their poor performance heading into the final weeks of DPC 2021-22 Division 1. In fact, EG swept the floor against both Quincy Crew and TSM, the top two seeds that supposedly have higher points on the scoreboard.

Perhaps it’s also important to note that EG didn’t deny that they were sloppy during their earlier matches. After all, they did just have two new players, namely Egor “Nightfall” Grigorenko and Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka. Even if these are highly regarded players, a steep learning curve isn’t out of the ordinary.

All-in-all, it’s great to see EG back on their feet after the short fiasco, and once again proving it to fans, they are NA’s best.

TeamSoloMid’s perseverance paid off

TSM is one team that deserves recognition for its perseverance. Led by David “MoonMeander” Tan Boon Yang, TSM managed to play in the International 10 (TI10) and subsequently became a top team in DPC NA.

Their commitment to play together eventually paid off when TeamSoloMid signed the team, providing this rising star all the accommodation and financial assistance an Esports team could ever need.

Evil Geniuses vs TeamSoloMid

It has certainly been a phenomenal run for TSM thus far, but history would likely repeat itself in the DPC NA Regional Finals. EG won against TSM in their last encounter, an earlier one, where EG was still relatively unstable. Now that EG has had ample time to practice, best bet that EG won’t be holding any punches against TSM.

Oddly enough, both teams share relatively even odds at x1.89 returns, likely due to low trust in EG’s performance. Nonetheless, EG should still be in favor, such as expecting EG to win 2:0 has x1.81 odds in Total Maps. Similarly, a +1.5 Map Handicap in favor of EG returns x1.31 too.

What makes EG stands out among its NA counterparts is their consistent match times. Despite the typical Dota 2 meta shifting to fast-paced drafts, EG still opts for reliable late-game tactics. However, they often overwhelm their opponents early into the match, putting Map Duration well under 36.5 minutes at x2.01 odds.

In hindsight, EG’s victory is absolute in this match, so we recommend betting markets in favor of EG.

The DPC NA Division 1 Winner, Quincy Crew

The Big Three of NA DPC includes Quincy Crew, the unsponsored team that effectively rivals EG frequently. The team’s quirky name originates from its founding member, Quinn “Quinn” Callahan, who’s well respected for his seasoned profile.

However, Quincy Crew’s success also derives from the rest of Quincy Crew, who are mostly new recruits. Even so, the team flourished under the leadership of Quinn, as we witnessed Quincy Crew win every match in DPC NA Division 1, except EG.

While we aren’t covering whether Quincy Crew stands a chance vs EG if they do collide, Quincy Crew would likely hold their own.

The underdogs of DPC NA Regional Finals, 4 Zoomers

Arguably the oddball among DPC NA Regional Finals candidates, 4 Zoomers doesn’t give off vibes as a formidable opponent. At least not in the eyes of the aforementioned Big Three, namely EG, Quincy Crew, and TSM. They are truly underdogs heading into the DPC NA Regional Finals, so it’s rough to be in 4 Zoomers’ shoes.

However, 4 Zoomers are by no means an amateur team. Instead, there are several notable players in this team that have the potential to become powerful opponents. Perhaps we can appreciate 4 Zoomers’ vast hero pool, which would have been a major advantage if it wasn’t against Quincy Crew.

Quincy Crew vs 4 Zoomers

The power gap is wide between the two NA rivals, where Quincy Crew has x1.32 versus 4 Zoomers at x3.27 returns.

This surely isn’t a match where we recommend taking any long shots because Quincy Crew is monstrously strong. Quincy Crew’s pace in the match would look like a good early laning phase for Quinn, the mid-player, then followed by an all-rounder objective taking stomp. Quincy Crew has reached the level, where cheap tricks or cheese picks don’t bother them anymore.

Hence, expect Map Duration to end under 30.5 minutes, raking a hefty x4.49 returns.

There are also betting markets that aren’t too one-sided in favor of Quincy Crew, such as the First Blood and Win Map, which returns x2.45 odds. Whereas betting the similar market in favor of 4 Zoomers would return x4.25 instead.

Welp, what can we say, we sure love ridiculous long-shot bets. For instance, betting on Quincy Crew to get First Blood, Destroy First Tower and Win Map, at x3.47 odds. Or the toughest of them all, betting on Quincy Crew to get First Blood, Destroy First Tower, Kill First Courier and Win Map at x5.74 odds.

Other competitors aside, EG will likely steal the spotlight as the strongest NA powerhouse in DPC NA Regional Finals. Well, assuming they ‘unexpectedly’ defeat TSM and proceed closer to finals. We are just as excited at anticipating how the DPC Regional Finals will pan out, so catch the DPC WEU Regional Finals as well as exclusive odds on GG.BET