EG vs G2 Match Preview – MSI 2022 Day 1

MSI 2022 is finally here and the hype cannot be any higher!

Today, we will be taking a look at the series between EG and G2. These two will clash four times in total during group stage, and immediately on Day 1. Who will prevail, EU or NA?

We break it all down.

G2 MSI 2022


EG vs G2 – MSI 2022 Day 1 Breakdown

Evil Geniuses will go up against G2 after winning the LCS Championship for the first time in the organization’s history. They not only won 3-0, but they were also able to break the record for the fastest finals ever, showing how dominant EG was during the playoffs.

Most of the merit went to ADC Danny and newly imported jungler Inspired (former Rogue), who are both on a rising trajectory. The two are going to be the main protagonist in this Mid-Season Invitational, and their performance will likely influence NA’s chances of beating the best teams in the world.

G2 did a similar thing to their opponent in their LEC Spring Playoffs run. They crawled their way back to the title after dropping to the losers’ bracket, and dominated the finals in a relatively quick series. Thanks to better adaptability to the meta compared to other finalist Rogue, G2 always found themselves at an advantage after the draft, which allowed them to become champions once again after a disappointing 2021.

Let’s break down both EG and G2 ahead of this MSI Day 1.

On one hand, we have Evil Geniuses that mainly rely on Danny for their entire damage output. By playing protect the carry comps or hyperscaling ADCs, the team can easily set the rhythm of the game and play proactively with their mid jungle duo towards the bot lane, with Impact being the weak side player.

G2, on the other hand, prefers playing for mid and top, but particularly for Caps. Jankos will always sit around the mid lane and allow his carry to pick up the resources he needs. Not only that, but also BrokenBlade has shown the willingness to play carry style champions and become a secondary threat. Flakked and Targamas, the two rookies on the team, have defaulted to being weak side, although we also saw them adapting towards the end of the split.

That being said, I think that G2 will likely take the first game of their “series”. While EG’s season has been impressive so far, I also believe that the team is somewhat one-dimensional: teams like G2 will come prepared with something to counter EG’s main playstyle. Furthermore, recent ADC nerfs have really put bottom focused comps at a disadvantage at MSI. I’m also interested to see how G2 will adapt their own identity and see whether Flakked will finally get the attention at this MSI.

Below you can find the best odds for this match (GG.BET):

  • Winner: G2 (1.61x)
  • First Dragon: EG (2.20x)
  • Total Kills: under 28.5 (1.73x)
  • First Herald: G2 (2.18x)
  • Total Towers: over 12.5 (2.27x)
  • Map Duration: under 33.5 (1.90x)
  • Race to 10 kills: G2 (1.76x)