EHOME vs RNG: DPC China Division 1 Match Preview & Predictions

The DPC China Tour 2 rages on with an important match between EHOME and Team Royal Never Give Up. Specifically, the match outcome will determine which candidate remains in the top seeds while the other falls on March 27.

It’s also important to note that the two rivals are also DPC CN Regional Finals participants, making them among the elites in DPC CN.

Fresh Start for RNG members

RNG’s namesake in the Esports scene boasts their commendable championship-winning capabilities for years. However, RNG’s Dota 2 division is relatively new among the Chinese powerhouses, making them a less popular team even up against the fallen Invictus Gaming.

However, prior to DPC2021-22, RNG recruited remnants of team Elephant, a former powerhouse wannabe that brought prominent names to the team. Notably, the two-time International runner-up and mid-player, Lu “Somnus丶M” Yao.

While Somnus is a phenomenal mid-player, his playstyle and pace are very much unorthodox. Such that Dota 2 Fantasy fans refrained from putting him in any fantasy line-up, and even predicted that his time in RNG is numbered. Until RNG brought Somnus’ most compatible allies, who are those he played alongside for ages.

With Yang “Chalice” Shenyi and Yap “xNova” Jian Wei on his side, RNG is aiming to become the strongest team in DPC CN Tour 2.

EHOME’s new line-up showcased great potential

EHOME came out on top of the competition as among the top-four teams in the last Tour. This was a pleasant surprise for EHOME, which recently picked up Phoenix Gaming’s line-up just a month before DPC2021-22.

Although EHOME’s progress to make it thus far is commendable, it’s evident that EHOME’s young players couldn’t keep up with the fast-paced meta. During their encounters with Team MagMa and PSG.LGD earlier, EHOME opted for late-game drafts and disrespecting the Io enemy pick. They gave away Io in both first matches, which they lost.

Nevertheless, EHOME can often pull off success if they prioritized having sustainability in their team fights. Hence, making EHOME one of the few teams that have a unique outlook at capitalizing on different match times.


When it boils down to winning the series, RNG’s prominent figureheads are enough to justify the one-sided odds in their favor. RNG has an x1.21 odds against EHOME at a whopping x4.19 odds.

RNG’s average kills per map is approximately 40, which makes betting on RNG total match kills to be over 76.5 is reasonable and has x2.94 odds. Whereas betting on EHOME match total kills to be under 40.5 is also accomplishable since EHOME typically has less than 15 kills during a bad map. Couple that with their lack of aggression, and the x2.54 odds aren’t too shabby. EHOME’s passive playstyle in the laning phase makes them prone to RNG’s stronger lane harassers, such as Hoodwink and Ancient Apparition. Thus, betting on RNG to get First Blood at x1.7 odds is assuring.

Another easy betting market is on Which team will have a higher Net Worth at a certain minute as RNG’s Somnus is very efficient at expanding his power gap. Chances are, Somnus’ strong laning phase and his role in early movements across the map makes RNG the winner for this bet. At either 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes, betting on RNG will earn x1.45 returns.

Yet another RNG specialty, betting on them to kill First Roshan at x1.46 returns is guaranteed since they often have strong Roshan killers, such as Templar Assassin. Furthermore, EHOME’s late-game drafts also make EHOME a less likely party to kill Roshan. With such overwhelming odds against EHOME, the safest route in Dota 2 betting markets is that which favors RNG.

Alternatively, siding on EHOME has bountiful rewards, assuming EHOME pulls off an upset. EHOME winning the series with -1.5 map handicap can rake x8.5 returns. However, that’s only plausible if EHOME wins a clean 2:0 sweep. Albeit EHOME has a tendency of not banning overpowered picks such as Io, during their first Map. Surely EHOME won’t do the same mistake thrice, right?

On the same page, EHOME winning the clean sweep grants a generous x7.68 return.

Bonus: PSG.LGD vs Team MagMa

We thought of putting PSG.LGD vs MagMa’s match into your betting slip would be a great addition too. PSG.LGD remains the strongest team in DPC CN Tour 2 so far, with zero losses. Thus, making PSG.LGD an easy winner to bet on every match they play in DPC2021-22, well at least in this China regional. Dota 2 odds-wise, MagMa has x4.45 odds against the former at x1.19 odds.

Additionally, there are exotic markets available for this match too, which GG.BET offers on their platform exclusively. We save the best for last, consider these Esports bonuses while you’re on your betting spree too.