Elisa Invitational Summer 2021 Main Swiss Stage Favorites

The Elisa Invitational Summer 2021 is well underway. After a month long Regional Stage filled with plenty of upsets, we are entering another month long Main Stage hopefully just as entertaining.

With the way Elisa Champion of Champions is set up, we see teams really investing time to prepare for the matches thus far. After all, good performances mean points toward a big season finale, and there is plenty of interest shown thus far. This begs the question, which teams are the most likely to have a good showing in the following days?

Furthermore, which teams can we single out as favorites for CSGO Betting at this event.

Hades csgo

Olek “hades” Miskiewicz

Elisa Invitational Summer 2021 Main Swiss Stage Favorites

Four teams are likely to quickly advance through the opening round and high seed matches to secure a playoffs spot. If they end up meeting each other after the opening round, we are likely in for some banger series and some serious CSGO odds to boot.

Here’s the breakdown.


Though they haven’t played too many series as a full lineup, ENCE seem to be meshing well together after the recent roster addition. Will the trend continue as they go up against teams who have had more time to practice? 

With Allu having been benched, they replaced their Captain and AWPer with Olek “hades” Miskiewicz. Hades has been performing very well recently, even better than Allu statistically. Though seemingly a temporary move, a strong performance here could prove to be a life changing permanent placement on ENCE.

Surely, Hades has never been more motivated to prove himself. Could this be the chance he has been hoping for? 

Train will not be in the map pool at this tournament. This will surely be a blow for ENCE, who have been performing well on this map. This is especially tough as Hades could have made a big impact on this map. Ancient will surely be a harder map for a young AWPer to take a hold of the game.


Nordavind’s advantages will come from experience. Due to Mertz, TENZKI and mirbit’s experience in the pro scene, they will be ready for most of what is thrown at them. Having played more tournaments, they will surely know some tricks of the trade. Because of this, they have a deeper map pool than most of their foes. In a Swiss Round of 16 format, how deep your map pool runs will play into the outcome.

While they are favorites, expect to see Nordavind play long and drawn out matches. I dont know what it is about this team, but they always seem to play matches spanning over 25 rounds on average. This should be your CSGO match betting market for Nordavind in every series.


Havu is another team  with a deep map pool and some experienced players. Aerial and xseveN have performed well as of late. Currently ranked #21 in the world on HLTV.org, Havu’s confident young talent have shown they can compete with the best in the world, having beaten Virtus.Pro in a best of three at FunSpark.

Their map pool is the best out of all other teams in the tournament, having beaten top tier opponents on several maps. As stated earlier,  If they are able to show consistency here they are a big favorite to win it all.

Double Poney

Finally, we have DBL Poney. Their recent performance at Flashpoint 3 was mediocre at best. However, this is less worrying than it may seem, as their losses occurred against top teams in the world.

Double Poney were playing with NBK, who was standing in. If he is to play with them again here, it would prove to be a large asset. NBK is a veteran of the game and has a breadth of knowledge that is very rare amongst the tier 2 scene. Having a veteran join a team of young, hungry and talented players has often proven to be a recipe for success in the past. If NBK is officially to stand in, Double Pony will make a deep run and make their mark. It is hard to see many teams participating at Elisa who would be able to beat Double Pony.

The Main Swiss Stage will begin on June 3rd. Just selecting our four favorites in the opening stage provides you with 12x returns over at Bet365. Furthermore, with the ancillary content Elisa plans to be producing, it should be a great filler tournament to pair up with IEM Summer 2021 and BLAST Finals this month.