Elisa Invitational Winter 2021 – Main Swiss Stage Match Analysis

The main Swiss Stage at the Elisa Invitational Winter 2021 is set to begin Monday 17th. Sixteen teams battle for the four guaranteed spots in the LAN final set for March. With $100k on the line, plenty of A-tier and even some S-tier teams are in attendance.

We take a look at the opening round and set our predictions for five key matches with superior CSGO odds.

Elisa Invitational Main Swiss Stage Schedule

Elisa Esports | @ElisaEsports

Sprout vs Finest

Even though Sprout is not what it used to be, especially with the latest outgoing transfers they had, we still believe that they are a much better team in this match. To make things even better about our bet, Finest is still a 4-man roster which will make things incredibly difficult for them.

Given the fact that betting sites are rating this match as a coinflip, we will play the odds since we lean towards Sprout in this one, especially because Marix has been playing out of his mind recently and he could be a crucial factor in this match.

Entropiq vs AGF

If cajunb is your top-fragger, then AGF is definitely doing something wrong. On the other hand, we have a hungry team of youngsters who are ready to push their rating in 2022. Players such as El1an and Forester are definitely capable of playing tier 1 CSGO and they will prove that in this qualifier.

All in all, we believe that Entropiq will have it their way without breaking a sweat in this match. They are better everywhere, starting with the individual skill all the way up to map pool. The fact is, anything but a fast 2-0 victory would be a big surprise.

Dignitas vs 777

In the Scandinavian derby, Dignitas will have a legit chance of beating 777. Dignitas is a roster filled with experience and young guns such as HEAP.

From our point of view, Dignitas is likely to lose a map, that being Nuke. We have to give credit where credit is due and talk about how good 777 are on this map. As for the remaining maps in the pool, we do not see a map where 777 will be able to compete against Dignitas hence why we belive in a hard-fought victory for friberg and his squad.

Eternal Fire vs Lynn Vision

Is there much to talk about when you have XANTARES and woxic playing against a tier 3 team, Lynn Vision? This should be a super easy match for the Turkish side and they should not have any problems securing a 2-0 victory in their opening match of Elisa Invitational Winter.

LookingForOrg vs HAVU

We are ending things up with a underdog bet. LookingForOrg is exactly what this team is about. They are on the lookout for an organization that will sign them and give them a chance to compete for trophies.

On paper, this team is definitely capable of achieving solid results. In this tournament, they will for sure play their hearths out and try their best to advance through, especially against a weakend HAVU side.

At the time of writing, HAVU is only with three players and that is going to be a problem for a team that is a big favorite in this match, at least odds-wise. We do not believe that this is the case and LookingForOrg will surprise everyone and win this match.

Sprout vs FinestSprout to win@ 1.96
Entropiq vs AGFEntropiq to win 2-0@ 1.45
Dignitas vs 777Dignitas to win@ 1.40
LookingForOrg vs HAVULookingForOrg to win@ 3.25
Eternal Fire vs Lynn VisionEternal Fire to win 2-0@ 1.90
TOTAL ODDS 50$ Stake = $1.196,00 23.92