Epic games release demo of SOLANA game, Star Atlas

The space themed strategy game, Star Atlas has proven to be a popular upcoming title for many gamers and crypto investors alike.

As the anticipation for this game has been running rampant amongst content creators, gamers have finally got access to the demo for this game.

Epic Games are ones giving you access to this demo, which has been built upon the rising Solana blockchain. The release comes in quick succession after the highly popular Blankos Block Party was also made available to gamers via the Epic Games store in September of this year.


Image Credits | Star Atlas

Announced via a livestream the official release for this is titled “Star Atlas: Showroom” and is labelled as the “pre-alpha” version of the full game.

Players are invited to check out the early stages of the game, exploring the immersive environments and getting to grips with the mechanics and overall feel for the game.

For those who are in the know with gaming, Star Atlas has been developed via Unreal Engine 5. This means you will have a gaming experience that is highly realistic and immersive. The recent Matrix game was built on this, for those that saw the gameplay for that will be able to vouch for the capabilities that Unreal Engine can bring forward for game design!

How can I access the Star Atlas playable demo?

With many early game releases on the blockchain, there are many leaps and hurdles players must overcome to play.

Those gamers who have held the Star Atlas NFT will be granted access to the demo. Holding the NFT will get you access to a special key allowing further access to an in-game faction.

There will also be non NFT related content to explore with selected players earning the right to experience said content.

Star Atlas: Showroom updates to expect

Towards the end of this year more features will become available in the Star Atlas: Showroom pre alpha demo.

One thing many will be happy to hear is the inclusion of online gameplay/game modes that feature live chat functions creating an even more exciting gaming experience. With the inclusions of factions it will be interesting to see how competitive Star Atlas will be.

Those who hold the special NFTs will also be able to take their NFT spacecraft out for flights past the initial explorable environments you are granted in the Star Atlas demo.


Image Credits | Star Atlas

Gamers and developers are having their say…

Whilst delivering an action packed space game, the developers behind Star Atlas are also passing over some authority to budding developers alike.

Let us elaborate.

With the release of the demo followed The Foundation Software Development Kit (F-KIT). This ultimately allows developers to bring their own ideas and games to the Solana blockchain.

Including this kit will allow anyone, including the biggest names in the gaming industry to try out the blockchain with ease. Hopefully encouraging many to try out this new direction that gaming is going.

As the founders of Epic Games are the same group of people behind the Unreal Engine technology, it makes complete sense to release the Star Atlas demo via them!

With over 190 million users engaging with the Epic Games store there is a wide audience demographic available for Star Atlas and it is only in its pre alpha stage!

Be sure to check out their official website to find out more about this highly anticipated blockchain title!