ESL One Winter 2021 – NA DPC Week 2 Analysis & Match Predictions

The North American 2021/2022 DPC season is off to a flying start, with the usual suspects taking the reigns early on in the leaderboards. While Evil Geniuses and Team Undying completely outclassed Upper Division newcomers Arkosh Gaming and Wildcard Gaming, it was Quincy Crew who came out on top after the inaugural week with victories over simply TOOBASED and 4 Zoomers.

Heading into week two, it’s Team Undying who have two matches ahead of themselves in their scramble for the top NA spot, while EG and Quincy Crew will try to keep their momentum going. In a repeat of the past two seasons, the scramble for the top place in the NA leaderboards looks to be a three-horse race, as none of the other teams are looking poised to break the status quo just yet.

ESL One Winter 2021 – NA DPC Week #2

ESL One Winter 2021 Week 2 Schedule

Evil Geniuses vs. Black N Yellow

Evil Geniuses is hands down NA’s top dog, a fact they proved in their beatdown of Arkosh Gaming last week. While all eyes were on JerAx’s addition, it was CIS addition Nightfall that truly shined in his debut for the team. Although Arkosh is a team a few steps below Evil Geniuses, Black N Yellow is in the same stratosphere as them. Heading into the matchup, Evil Geniuses are the clear-cut favorites, and with good reason.

Expect this match to go fully in EG’s favor, as we expect it to end a clean sweep.

Prediction: Evil Geniuses | Match Handicap Kills | -30.5 |
Odds: 1.76

Arkosh Gaming vs. Wildcard Gaming

In the second match of week two, we have the two Upper Divison newcomers going up against each other. While both teams made substantial changes to their lineups compared to last season, their skill ceiling and overall team play remain roughly the same.

Heading into the matchup, Wildcard Gaming are the favorites with odds starting at x1.53, leaving space for a good value bet on Arkosh with a return of x2.53. We expect the match to go the full length, that’s why we’re tipping on a three-match series.

Prediction: Total Maps | Over 2.5 |
Odds: 1.99

Team Undying vs. Black N Yellow

Week two is definitely not Black N Yellow’s as the team has two daunting tasks ahead of them. In a similar situation as their week’s opener, B’N’Y will have to go against one of NA’s strongest teams, and the odds are stacked against them, to say the least.

Undying is one of the few teams that made no changes to its starting lineup and are levels ahead of Black N Yellow both in individual talent and teamplay.

Expect this matchup to be a one-sided affair, with Team Undying coming out on top relatively easily.

Prediction: Team Undying | Match Handicap Kills | -24.5 |
Odds: 1.53

Quincy Crew vs. Arkosh Gaming

The Upper Division newcomers definitely don’t have it easy this week, seeing as even Arkosh will have to duke it out against one of NA’s finest. In a repeat of most of our prior predictions, the difference between the teams is seemingly more than just considerable.

In another David vs. Goliath matchup, it’s definitely a one-sided affair with Arkosh’s David even missing his trusty slingshot. Arkosh’s only chance could be the fact that Quincy Crew’s roster is still settling in, evident by the team dropping a map in their series against 4 Zoomers.

We’re envisioning a more slow start to the first map of the series for Quincy Crew, mostly oriented around objective gaming and with Arkosh slowly giving ground and avoiding unnecessary risks.

Prediction: Map 1| Over 32.5 Minutes |
Odds: 2.53

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