ESL Pro League Season 14 Playoffs Predictions & Match Odds

We are entering the final stage of ESL Pro League S14 and our track record has been decent this far. With 9 out of 12 predictions landing in our EPL Group Stage Megapost, we’ve accumulated a  decent bank to place accumulators heading into Playoffs.

Coming into the ESL Pro League Playoffs, CSGO odds are thrown out of whack due to some questionable performances in groups. It’s a good opportunity to tie in a nice four-fold bet slip with odds courtsey of GG.BET. Read our analysis.

EPL S14 Playoffs

ESL Pro League Playoffs Schedule

mousesports vs NIP

Prior to ESL Pro League Season 14, no one expected mousesports to book a spot in the playoffs. However, here they are after winning three in a row. NIP proved to everyone that bringing in device was one of the best moves they could have made.

Map pool for this best of 3 series is going to be interesting. We know that NIP does not play Vertigo while mousesports tends to avoid both Dust 2 and Overpass. This is why we believe that NIP will have a massive advantage in this one. Alongside either Dust 2 or Overpass, Ancient is a map where we heavily favor NIP as well.

All in all, everything is pointing out towards NIP in this one. Their teamplay is on a high level right now, device is playing out of his mind and overall, they look like a better team. Given the fact that this match is 50/50 in the eyes of betting sites, the smart money is for sure on NIP.

Prediction: NIP to win
Odds: 2.17

Complexity vs Vitality

Finally, we are seeing Vitality play solid Counter-Strike again. On the other hand, we are surprised that Complexity were even able to qualify for the playoffs. Bear in mind that they are playing without one of their best player, k0nfig.

When it comes to map veto, we know that Vitality is going to ban Ancient while Inferno is for sure getting permabanned by Complexity. Vitality can go for either Vertigo or Mirage to get the biggest advantage. The only map where we believe Complexity stands a chance is Overpass.

To be honest, map veto is not going to play a big factor in this match. Complexity got lucky to even qualify for the playoffs and once they play against top contenders such as Vitality, they will stand no chance. The only reason why Vitality is such a big favorite in this one is that Complexity is playing with a stand-in and this is going to cost them in this match.

Prediction: Vitality to win
Odds: 1.51

forZe vs ENCE

There is not much to talk about regarding this prediction. forZe is a couple of steps above ENCE in this one. They proved that by beating G2,, and Complexity. ENCE, however, had a really easy group and this is the only reason why they have qualified for the playoffs.

Mirage, Dust 2, and Overpass are three maps that heavily favor forZe in this one and we belive that out of the three maps that can be played, we will see two of the mentioned ones picked. To summarize, this is going to be an easy match for forZe.

Prediction: forZe to win
Odds: 1.74

Liquid vs fnatic

After a long break, we were not expecting much from Liquid. However, they proved us wrong as they bounced back with solid victories against top teams. On the other hand, fnatic got smashed by serious teams while they were able to come out on top against the likes of EG and FaZe.

We know for a fact that Ancient is getting banned by fnatic. Liquid, however, also tend to ban Ancient first, but right now, they can opt-in for something else such as Overpass or Nuke. Fallen and his squad has a massive chance of winning both Inferno and Mirage since fnatic looked awful on both of these maps. Overpass and Nuke are favoring fnatic in this best of 3 series.

Let’s wrap things up. Liquid showed excellent team play and their strategy worked like a charm. fnatic did not show much. They never looked like winning against the likes of Natus Vincere and mousesports. Also, we are leaning towards Liquid regarding the map veto and we believe that they have what it takes to beat fnatic.

Prediction: Liquid to win
Odds: 1.45

We are looking at x8.26 in combined odds if you opt-out for a four-fold bet slip. You can also play each match as an outright singles with the same stake and still earn enough to cover your loss if one selection doesn’t pan out.

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