ESL Pro League Season 14 Match Predictions Megapost

ESL Pro League Season 14 is nearing the end of the Group Stage. To keep you updated, we are creating our own predictions MEGA post, with day to day predictions for Group Stage matches. With an entire month of competition, this article will get lengthy, but you can be sure you will have all the selections and results updated constantly to track our success rate and progress.

Alternatively, our own ESL Pro League Betting Odds will contain all the outright bets for your tournament selections. Without further introduction, lets get into three matches to open up our ESL Pro League S14 CSGO Betting predictions.

EPL S14 Group D Schedule

ESL Pro League Season 14 Group D Schedule

Group D

We are looking at Gambit and NiP to dominate this group through and through. Liquid will likely come down as a close 3rd. After we missed out entirely on Group C due to heavy unpredictability, Group D is a welcome refresh in pace.

Here’s our opening round predictions.

FURIA vs TeamOne

In the Brazilian clash, we are going to see a big mismatch. On one side, we have FURIA that looked solid in the last outings and they are by far the best CSGO team in Brazil. TeamOne, however, has been on a decline and they are winless in their last 6 matches.

Map pool is heavily favoring FURIA in this one and here is why. Both Dust 2 and Vertigo are getting permabanned. This will allow FURIA to go for either Ancient or Nuke pick. From our point of view, if they go for Ancient, they will for sure also get Nuke to play on. TeamOne only stands a chance on Mirage, and from our perspective, they will struggle on this map as well.

All in all, everything is pointing towards FURIA in this one. However, the odds of 1.20 are not enough and this is why we believe that betting on the correct score in this one is the way to go. The chance is there and the odds are more buffed.

Prediction: FURIA to win 2-0
Odds: 1.91

NIP vs Entropiq

The Swedish roster has been on a terror in the last couple of months, but it seems like they cooled off a bit. Ever since they brought in device from Astralis, NIP upped their game. However, they lost two in a row and they did not look in sync at all in both of those matches. Entropiq, on the other hand, won 4 straight. Even though they did not face off against top opposition, they still looked solid.

If we take a closer look at the map veto, we can find some crucial information. First and foremost, Vertigo and Inferno are a no-go in this best of 3 series. But, Entropiq has a strong chance of winning either Overpass or Mirage. The same can be said for NIP, as we believe that they are a much better team than Entropiq on Ancient and Dust 2.

To summarize. The prediction for this ESL Pro League Season 14 match is going to be a smart one. There is a solid chance that all three maps are going to be played in this one. Despite NIP being a huge betting favorite, we believe that this match will not be so easy on them and that Entropiq can at least grab a map for themselves.

Prediction: Total Maps Played – Over 2.5
Odds: 2.05

Gambit vs Liquid

Let’s wrap things up with the easiest pick out of them all. Liquid was not active in the last couple of months as they were on a break. Gambit, however, is playing without breaks. Right now, Hobbit and his squad won two out of the last 4 played, while Liquid lost 2 out of the last 3 played.

We really do not know what type of map veto to expect in this match, but we for sure know that Gambit should be massively favored across all maps. To be honest, there is not much to say about this match. Gambit wins this easily.

Prediction: Gambit to win

Previous Predictions & Results

In order to be transparent, we are sharing all of our predictions and results in this section and keeping track of our overall prediction success rate. Thus far, we are 7 out of 9 in our ESL Pro League Season 14 Group Stage Predictions, and will see how perfect our analytics team is as the groups progress.

*Click the PLUS (+) next to the match to reveal our previous analysis and predictions.

Group A

We already did a full breakdown of the Group A matches & got our results. Our ESL Pro League tournament page contains further exotics and specifics outright. It was ENCE, Vitality and Heroic that finally managed to go out in the end. Regardless, our 6 picks from ESL Pro League S14 Group A were all correct.

Heroic vs Astralis

Two Danish rosters will battle it out for a chance to top their group. First, we have team Heroic that is yet to lose a map at ESL Pro League Season 14. They have defeated both Spirit and Bad News Bears thus far. On the other hand, Astralis played an additional match and they are sitting on 2 victories and one defeat.

If we take a closer look at the map pool, we can clearly spot a couple of important things. Both Dust 2 and Mirage are getting permabanned. This leaves Astralis with Inferno while Heroic has a deeper map pool and eventually they will pick either Nuke, Ancient, or Overpass. From our point of view, Heroic has a massive advantage in the map pool department.

To summarize this prediction, it is quite important to mention that Astralis is playing with a newcomer, that being Lucky. Heroic, however, is a well-oiled machine that has been on top very top for a while now. At even odds, we know who the smart money is on.

Prediction: Heroic to win
Odds: 1.75

Prediction Correct – Heroic won 2-0

Vitality vs Spirit

No one expected much from Vitality in the ESL Pro League Season 14, but they are proving everyone wrong so far. The French roster put themselves on the map as they won two straight without dropping a map. Truth be told, they played against average rosters at best, that being ENCE and Bad News Bears. Spirit, however, did not have it their way as they are sitting on two defeats to Astralis and Heroic.

Map pool is really interesting for this match. Vertigo and Ancient are a no-go in this best of 3 series. Spirit will have a massive opportunity on Dust 2 as this is their best map by far. Vitality, on the other hand, is a better team on Inferno and Overpass.

Everything in this match is pointing towards one thing, that being a decider. Spirit has what it takes to beat Vitality on Dust 2 while Vitality has looked good on both Inferno and Overpass lately. We are for sure watching a decider in this one.

Prediction: Total Maps Played – Over 2.5
Odds: 1.90

Prediction Correct – Vitality won 2-1

Bad News Bears vs ENCE

If you went through our prior picks for the ESL Pro League Season 14 Group Stage, you can find out that we never expected Bad News Bears to have a chance to win a single match in this league. The exact similar is going to happen in this match as well.

Three straight 2-0 defeats is not building a case for Bad News Bears in this one. On the other hand, ENCE did lose two matches, but they came back strong against Astralis. Map veto will favor ENCE hard and here is why.

Bad News Bears do not play two maps, that being Vertigo and Ancient. They can only remove one so you can expect ENCE to get a freebie for their pick. Finnish squad will opt-in to ban either Overpass or Inferno in this one. This will force Bad News Bears into another pick that will favor ENCE. All in all, this is a super confident pick that ENCE is not dropping a map in this one.

Prediction: ENCE to win 2-0
Odds: 1.45

Prediction Correct – ENCE won 2-0

Astralis vs Spirit

In the opening round of ESL Pro League Season 14, Astralis will have a difficult task in front of them. We found a solid pick for this match so let’s get straight into it.

Currently, the Danes are on a solid run. They have won 3 out of the last 5 matches played. Bear in mind that Astralis defeated teams such as, Natus Vincere and FaZe while their defeats were to the top CSGO teams in the world. On the other hand, Spirit is riding a three match win streak. However, the level of competition they faced simply can’t be compared.

Since this match is played in the best of 3 format, map pool is crucial. We all know that Astralis do not play Mirage and this will be their permaban. Contrary to that, Vertigo is definitely getting banned by Spirit. To get the most value for themselves, Inferno should be a priority for Astralis. Spirit, however, showed a lot of good stuff on both Overpass and Ancient. As for the decider, it is definitely a coinflip on either Dust 2 or Nuke.

Let’s wrap things with a short summary. Both teams are in good shape right now. Map pool is definitely even, but it is really important to mention that both teams will get a super comfortable pick for themselves here. Everything is pointing out towards one bet, that being the total number of maps played.

Prediction: Total Maps Played – Over 2.5
Odds: 1.90

Prediction Correct – Astralis won 2-1

Vitality vs Bad News Bears

For this ESL Pro League Season 14 bout, we found a huge mismatch for you. One team here will have it their way easily so let’s go over the facts.

Vitality is a tier 1 team, while we can’t tell the same for Bad News Bears. They are having it their way in North America, but the competition there is lackluster. Contrary to that, Vitality has always been matched against the best teams in the world.

The most important thing about this pick is that Vitality has so much individual skill and Bad News Bears can’t match that. Map pool is not going to play a factor in this one and anything besides an easy 2-0 victory for Vitality is going to be a major surprise.

Prediction: Vitality to win 2-0
Odds: 1.60

Prediction Correct – Vitality won 2:0

Heroic vs Spirit

There is no denying that Heroic is currently one of the best rosters in the world. Individually, they are not amongst the best, but the way they play as a team is unbelievable. This is why we believe they are going to win their match against Spirit.

When it comes to map pool, we believe that teams will get comfortable picks for themselves. First and foremost, Vertigo and Dust 2 are not going to be played because teams will ban these two maps. Nuke presents an easy victory for Heroic while Spirit will have a choice to make. Overpass and Mirage and two comfort picks for them but they can only get one. In the end, we believe that things will end up on Ancient where Heroic has an edge.

All in all, Heroic has great players and an even better team play. Spirit is a solid roster, but they do not pose much of a threat to Heroic because their style will nullify Spirit. For even odds, this is a must bet.

Prediction: Heroic to win
Odds: 1.70

Prediction Correct – Heroic won 2:0

Group B

Our predictions for Group B went a bit worse than Group A. This group was initially thought off as a bout between G2, OG, VP and Complexity but went went into a dodgy six team race where anything was possible. vs Sinners

Group B of ESL Pro League Season 14 is becoming tense really fast. It is clear now that one of the tops teams including G2 or will not make it through to the Playoffs. This was all caused by upset wins by Sinners and forZe. In their two bouts, suffered defeats to OG and forZe. On the other hand, Sinners grabbed themselves a victory over G2 and a defeat to Complexity.

Map pool for this match could actually edge Sinners in this one. Dust 2 and Nuke are not going to be played for sure. This leaves us with Vertigo or Ancient for Sinners while Inferno or Overpass seems like an obvious choice for

All in all, the pressure is on for in this one. Their CEO announced that if the team does not pull through, changes are expected. Even though Jame and his squad are better individually, we belive that pressure will get the better of them in this one hence why we are expecting a tense game that will need a decider.

Prediction: Total Maps Played – Over 2.5
Odds: 1.90

Prediction Failed –  Virtus.Pro won 2-0

OG vs forZe

Both OG and forZe are currently on a mini-run. However, there are two important things to mention here. OG won both bouts without dropping a map and they looked insanely good while doing so. ForZe, however, was not as slick as OG was, but beating Complexity and is not a joke.

The fact is, OG does not have a deep map pool that they can count on. They do not play Nuke, Vertigo, and Ancient. We believe that they will opt-in to ban Ancient first while forZe will for sure ban Vertigo. Dust 2 or Inferno are two solid picks for OG in this one and they should be favored on these maps.

ForZe is a force to be reckoned with on Mirage as they are just shy from hitting a 90% win rate over 27 maps on Mirage. Do not be fooled, OG is not a bad team on this map either, but still, the numbers favor forZe on this map. Keep in mind that OG played forZe on 10 maps prior to this and they are sitting on 6 victories.

To summarize this prediction, we must say that no one expected forZe to be that good currently. However, OG is in a peak form right now and it really seems like that they are not missing a lot of shots. Russians do lack the experience and once the pressure mounts, they will start losing, and that is going to be the case here.

Prediction: OG to win
Odds: 1.63

Prediction Correct – OG won 2-1

G2 vs Complexity

We will keep this prediction as brief as possible since things should be straightforward. G2 lost both matches and they are on the brink of being eliminated from the event. Complexity is playing with a stand-in in the form of es3tag and currently, they are sitting on one victory and one defeat.

This is a do-or-die moment for G2 against what is arguably a 4v5 match since k0nfig was a key figure in the Complexity lineup. All in all, everything but a G2 victory is a huge upset in this one.

Prediction: G2 to win
Odds: 1.45

Prediction failed – Complexity won 1-2

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