The F1 Esports qualifiers for 2021 are now open!

It may feel like 2020 has been going on for a decade and won’t be over for a while, yet the year is almost over. In the F1 Esports world, it’s time for the F1 esports qualifiers for next year to commence. The 2021 F1 Esports Series qualifiers are open to anyone who wants to try their skills in one of their qualification scenarios.

Meanwhile, October 14th marks the first round of the 2020 F1 Esports Series. Every few weeks, a three day event and 12 races in total, will decide the best F1 Esports driver in the world. We will analyze and predict the entire 2020 season in a separate article.

For now, lets see how you can become the next F1 Esports superstar.

The F1 Esports qualifiers for 2021 are now open!

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First F1 qualifiers scenario

You take over for Valtteri Bottas in the first qualification challenge. Stuck in third place at the Italo GP, you have six laps left, and need to hunt down your teammate, Lewis Hamilton. He’s driving on old tires, you on new ones – and you’re supposed to overtake him.

The real challenge goes past that though – while Hamilton is in P2, in order to really have a chance to qualify, you’ll need to go beyond that and take the top spot from Charles Leclerc. LeClerc won the Italian GP last year. Changing history even if it’s just virtually, is the way to go to maximize your points and of course book your ticket to make it into the competition.

No doubt, this coming season too will have plenty of exciting moments for fans to enjoy in the upcoming months! You’ll be able to watch the events on the official F1 streaming channels.



As long as you own a copy of F1 2020, you’ll have access to compete throughout the entire month of October. You can find all the information you require it in the in-game esports hub accessible via the menu. The first challenge closes midnight October 31st, so you have until Halloween to get the ball rolling… or rather, to get the tires squeaking. You can try as many times as you like, so feel free to practice until you’re sure you’ve given it your best shot.

The top 8 players of each platform the game is available on, will be invited to the Challenger series. This is a small scale league that will run between December 2020 and March 2021 – it’s the performance during these events that will determine who will be up for grabs in the F1 esports Team Pro Draft in 2021.

In previous years, the best players were quickly snapped up by the participating teams. Like in the ‘real’ F1 competition, the teams that are recruiting players are: Red Bull Racing, FDA Hublot, Alfa Romeo, Renault Vitality, Williams Esports, McLaren Shadow, BWT Racing Point Team, Mercedes AMG, Haas F1, Renault, and Scuderia Alphatauri.

Once the best of the best have been selected, it’s the teams’ turn to pick their favorite players. Even before the actual main competitive circuit starts, there might just be some exciting drama, such as in the 2018 selection, where two very talented brothers had a tearful moment. Salih Saltunc was Team Sauber’s first choice while his brother Sonuc was also in the talent pool. He was selected by Sauber in the final pick of the night, allowing the two brothers to compete together for the same team! Sonuc came in 18th place out of 26, while his brother made it all the way to 4th.

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