Fall Guys Best Player – Our Top 8 List of Best Fall Guys

Fall Guys has skyrocketed back to popularity with the switch back to free-to-play. There are more people playing, streaming, and more Fall Guys esports are popping up with the first Fall Guys competitive team even being formed. With so many more eyes and players in the game though, some are bound to rise to the top.

Fall Guys best player should be someone who can elevate a fairly casual game to something higher. It can be quite tricky to judge the best Fall Guys players since the game can be a little random. It also doesn’t have the most esports event yet. The ones we can look at are mainly limited to streamers rather than definitive Fall Guys pro players. However, out of this pool, there are some that have stood out.

Best Fall Guys Player

You can use the best Fall Guys settings, but there’s often an element of randomness in there. You never know which games are going to come up, or how things like starting position will factor in. The Fall Guys best players manage to win a great number of games though, showing there is a real skill level in here.

These are some of the best Fall Guys players active at the moment.

Best Fall Guys Players – Our Picks

Fall Guys has a good number of players, so what metric can you look at to find the Fall Guys best players? Those with the best win rates are definitely some to look at. However, random games can be easier than one another. That means that Fall Guys esports are another great area to start in finding the top Fall Guys players. Even with a bigger Fall guys player count, these people stand out.

We’ve looked at all of these metrics to find some of the top p players that stand out in the game at the moment. Keep in mind that information and direct comparisons are pretty limited right now. We’ll have a much better idea of who the best Fall Guys players are once more esports events are held.

1. Aurateur

Aurateur Fall Guys

Aurateur is part of a team made up of him and three other players. These players competed in the Twitch Rivals Fall Guys Fridays Events. This is one of the best tournaments to look at for finding the best players as it’s probably the biggest series so far.

Aurateur’s team managed to win multiple rounds of this competition, with some weeks being taken back-to-back. He is primarily known for streaming games like Super Mario Maker, so maybe the platforming elements in Fall Guys work to his favor.

The results from the Fall Guys Fridays tournaments can safely put Aurateur onto the Fall Guys best player list. While they aren’t an exclusive Fall Guys pro player, they’ve played well in some competitions.

2. GrandPooBear


GrandBooBear is another player who was part of the same team as Aurateur. The team in question was actually even titled Team GrandPooBear at these events. The team won weeks two and three of the Fall Guys Twitch Rivals events. This puts him as one of the best Fall Guys players at the moment, at least in competitive events.

GrandpooBear is mainly known for his variety content creation. However, he’s also a Super Mario speedrunner. That’s definitely helpful for all of the platform races that crop up in the Fall Guys games list.

3. MitchFlowerPower


Mitchflowerpower is the next member of that multiple-winning team from Twitch Rivals. As with the other two, the player demonstrated really strong skills in these tournaments. He is another Mario speedrunner, so we might not see him pop up in too many dedicated Fall Guys esports events past the general streamer tournaments.

4. Vellhart

Vellhart is the final member of the winning Twitch Rivals team. He showed skills that might put him as one of the best Fall Guys players. He’s a streamer who plays a variety of content, but it’ll be nice to see him do more in Fall Guys.

5. theDragonfeeny

thedragonfeeny was part of a team that took first place at both a Twitch Rivals Fall Guys Fridays and the GlitchCon Showdown for the game. They haven’t competed much since though, so we’ll have to see if they keep their spot as one of the fall Guys best players as Fall Guys esports grows.

5. Baeginning

Baeginning is a twitch streamer who has focused quite a bit on Fall guys in recent years. They’ve carried on competing in tournaments pretty consistently, they might be the best player by the time Fall Guys Season 2 starts.

6. Dr Lupo

Dr Lupo

Dr Lupo is a major streamer who had a strong run with Fall Guys in the past. While most streamers are pretty good at the game, Dr Lupo stands out for a few reasons. For a start, he was basically said by Fall Guys to be their official top player for a while!

Dr Lupo’s claim as the best Fall Guys player isn’t the most recent, but it uses one of the clearest metrics we’ve got so far. The Fall Guys social media accounts attempted to find the statistically Fall Guys best player a little while ago. They would then give that player an exclusive skin.

The skin was eventually awarded to Dr Lupo! This means that as of the first period of the game, he was statistically the best player! Although, it looks like his performance dipped pretty quickly after that.  Dr.Lupo is a general streamer more than a Fall Guys pro player, so he isn’t exactly focusing on this game.

7. Ludwig

Ludwig Youtube

Ludwig is an esports player who has excelled in a lot of games. The player has performed well at Smash Bros, before moving on to a wider spread of titles. He’s part of the Fall Guys best players if we’re going by some recent streamer competitions and older events.

Fall Guys esports don’t have the biggest prize pools, but Ludwig has managed to run up the third highest winnings for Fall Guys in 2021. This isn’t a huge amount of money, but it shows he’s been dominating in competitive-level games. Although, it might have more to do with how many invites to streamer-only events he gets.

8. Surefour


Surefour is a streamer of a wide variety of content who got his start as an Overwatch League player. That game doesn’t have the closest resemblance to Fall Guys, but surefour has excelled when he’s checked into the Battle Royale. Surefour has done well in some streamer-specific competitions over the last few years. This is enough to make him stand out among the best Fall Guys players, but we’ll have to see if he’ll stick with the game in the future.

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