Unreal Engine 5 goes into the blockchain with Farcana

Residing from Dubai, this new and upcoming triple A blockchain metaverse project is fully utilizing the Unreal Engine 5 to bring gamers a new intergalactic gaming experience you do not want to miss!

Farcana is brought to us by the new eponymous UAE company, looking to pave the way in all things decentralized technologies and web3 alike. It consists of 2 entities, Farcana Studio who are responsible for the game development and Farcana Labs the scientific arm and DeSci platform inside its gaming metaverse.

We go over the Farcana blockchain gaming title in more detail, looking at the game’s purpose, and the intentions behind Farcana and their upcoming business moves.


Image Credits | Farcana

What is Farcana?

Farcana game is a blockchain 3rd person shooter themed metaverse experience that is being brought to us by the Farcana Studios team via the ever so popular Binance Blockchain!

The story of this game follows humans into the year 2073 where they have turned their sites onto the planet Mars. With resources running low, and the battle to stay alive looming over the heads of many, sites are set on the valuable and powerful resource known as Infilium.

Farcana Studio is using Epic Games’ very own Unreal Engine 5 for the game’s development. Unreal Engine 5 is one of the best pieces of technology currently available for teams in the entertainment industry. Matching the stellar outtakes of UE5 with web3 and blockchain fundamentals will leave you eager for more!

Players can battle it out alone on their very own solo style mission, or alternatively you can team up with your friends and/or other players you meet to build up your very own guilds! Whichever play style you opt for make sure to strap yourselves in for an explosion of high impact gaming from start to finish.

The official trailer for Farcana has been released and looks stunning to say the least.

How can I play Farcana?

Hold your horses! Farcana isn’t out just yet. The team behind Farcana have indicated that the game will be released in its first Alpha installment in Q1 of 2023.

The game will be available on both desktop and mobile systems which allows for a large demographic of unique users to interact with the Farcana game once it has been released.

Console gamers have you fingers crossed as the success of the early releases of the game may spark a release for the PlayStation and Xbox systems. But for now the title is scheduled to release on the latter.

Playable game modes in Farcana

Farcana Studio have currently disclosed 3 main game modes that will be playable on the Farcana game once launched. The following game modes are:

Zone Control

This game mode see’s players joining forces with their friends and other users alike, trying to acquire as many points and kills as possible. Infilium should be at the forefront of your efforts as you take control of different Domes to overcome your enemies.

Battle Royale

Battle Royale in Farcana follows a familiar premise many gamer’s know and love. You are spawned into a map, with one intention and goal. That being to survive the longest, gain as many kills as possible and stand triumphant over those who are plotting your downfall!


Image Credits | Farcana

Survival Mode

Be sure to get your training in as you are on your own! Your skills will be put to the test as you are given a specific timeframe to battle it out with your enemy, attempting as many kills as possible whilst still aiming for the sought after Infilium.

The Farcana ecosystem explained

Farcana’s team have gone ahead and revolutionized the scientific makeup of blockchain gaming with their very own, now patented concept that is known as “Play-To-Hash”.

Many games are reliant on their game’s longevity through a number of factors such as their native token, player usage and NFT sales.

Farcana’s team and CEO believes in Bitcoin and its lifespan. As a direct result of this, they have linked Bitcoin and their own Bitcoin mining efforts to create an endless prize pool for the game at hand. Creating a prizepool like this will mean a stable economy for the Farcana game and metaverse.

“Blockchain gaming market is evolving and going beyond of traditional Play-to-Earn model. We at Farcana believe that games are not jobs or opportunities to earn money from playing. Blockchain and NFT technologies are all about improved transparency and ownership, and we are building a Web3 game where players become its owners. Our team focus on fun and immersive gameplay – in a way that it should be experienced in high-quality Web2 games – sustainable player-centered economy and principles of ownership of in-game assets and IP,” – Ilman Shazhaev, CEO and Founder of Farcana Studio

Through increasing the “Hashrate”, Bitcoin mining is increased by those who hold the $FAR token and invest in it. The higher the hash power the greater the rewards for those top players engaging with the Farcana ecosystem.

Rather than implementing the traditional play to earn model as we have seen with many other blockchain titles, the Farcana team are hoping the reliance on Bitcoin and its overall market dominance will ultimately keep the value of $FAR afloat. We have seen time and time again where tokens are released and quickly fall short of value due to the timeline of the games release and overall momentum from initial investors being lost.

Overall this is groundbreaking features with the fundamentals of the “Play-To-Hash” concept hopefully opening the eyes of many teams who are looking to contribute to the world of web3 gaming.

How do I earn money in the Farcana game?

Farcana is a Play-to-Earn title at heart, a proven concept that works if done correctly. There are multiple ways you are able to earn in the game and they are as follows:

  • Earn $FAR through completing events and disposing of loot via the marketplace
  • Earn NFTs from completing events
  • Earning Bitcoin ($BTC) through competing and winning grand tournaments

NFTs in Farcana

NFTs will play a big part in the Farcana game. If this is something of interest to you then you are in luck as Farcana Studio have recently partnered up with Digital Arms. They happen to be one of, if not the biggest digital weapon provider for blockchain and metaverse experiences such as Farcana.

Through their licensing agreements, Digital Arms are able to produce official guns as digital assets making the game an even more immersive one than it may have seemed before. With its very own ecosystem and native token $HNTR to back it, Digital Arms and Farcana Studio teaming up is a great accomplishment despite the game not even being released yet! This further legitimizes the game and the team behind its intentions as we draw closer to the game’s full release.


Image Credits | Farcana

NFTs will be available via the designated marketplace that will be found on the Farcana game. Players will also be able to acquire them through the completion of in-game tasks and events also.
Not only will NFTs come in the form of weapons, but also skins, playable avatar characters and even virtual land.

In-game marketplace

All NFTs are available via the marketplace found on Farcana. With the implementation of Play-To-Hash, the fees accumulated from sales completed on the marketplace are placed back into the game’s prize pool. This means players are contributing on an almost constant basis when playing Farcana.

Farcana’s in-game token

Token distribution for Farcana has already commenced and ended, with a total of 500 million $FAR being put into circulation. A total of 74,500,000 $FAR are being made for sale with further allocations being listed below in more detail. The gaming token will be used to verify all payments made via the game and will be used as a governance token also.

One interesting thing about Farcana’s token allocation is that Farcana itself has allocated 20% of the token’s circulation to the actual games development. $FAR will be used to market the game and also used for grants and other PR ventures needed for Farcana’s growth.

The allocation numbers can be found below:

  • Seed – 9% – 45,000,000 FARCANA
  • Private Sale – 15% – 75,000,000 FARCANA
  • Public Sale – 2% – 10,000,000 FARCANA
  • Treasury – 22% – 110,000,000 FARCANA
  • Advisors – 5% – 25,000,000 FARCANA
  • Team – 20% – 100,000,000 FARCANA
  • Ecosystem Rewards – 22% – 110,000,000 FARCANA
  • Liquidity Pool – 5% – 25,000,000 FARCANA
  • Total – 100%

The token is currently valued at 0.3 USD and has the room for future gains for those who are looking to invest long term in the token and game!

Has Farcana received any backing?

Farcana has received some notable PR since the project’s inception. Despite the short lifespan many notable names and organisations have looked into Farcana and seen the possibility this game has. Let’s look deeper into this…


IKONIC is an esports company that looks to capture the greatest moments from gaming and competitive gaming across the ages. Their NFT marketplace platform has already become a hit and will further integrate Farcana upon the game’s release.

Celebrity personalities

Yes you heard correctly, notable celebrities from within the Esports and sporting world have started to back the Farcana metaverse.

UFC heavyweights Albert Duraev and Khamzat Chimaev have shown their support via social media for the upcoming project, with both fighters engaging with their content through following and reposting on their own personal social accounts.

Then onto the world of Esports where we see further support from Ukrainian CS:GO and Counter Strike personality Zeus. He boasts over 150k Twitter followers, many of whom will fit the audience criteria for Farcana.


Image Credits | Medium

IQ Protocol

This name has paved the way for revolutionizing the way gamers engage with NFTs. As many are aware by now some NFTs have high price tags cutting out a large percentage of players who wish to access these games.

IQ Protocol aims to cut that out by offering services to rent NFTs for blockchain themed games. Farcana NFTs will be available via the IQ Protocol gateway making it even easier to play this game to its full potential.

Social media statistics

At the time of writing the social media accounts for Farcana are looking incredibly promising with a high user engagement rate amongst their fans. The stats are as follows (as of 17th October 2022):

  • Instagram followers amount to 2581
  • Their Twitter follower count has reached a whopping 22.3k
  • The official Discord server for the game has a total of 5306 members also

To find out more about the collaborations that Farcana’s team have been made apart of, be sure to check out their official Medium page. Here you will find the latest updates as they happen in real time, with great, informative insight of what’s in store.

What’s next for Farcana and their team?

Farcana as a brand are looking to diversify themselves across more than just gaming. Whilst gaming is proving to be a hit within decentralised tech, there seem to be other avenues the brand is looking to go down.

We sat down and got some insightful words from some internal members of Farcana, delving into the companies future motives and aims for not only the game, but also the Farcana brand itself.

Decentralized Science

By now many of you will be familiar with the concepts of decentralized finance and gaming. Have you heard of Decentralized Science though? Or DeSci for short.

Farcana Labs is the first Web3 gaming/metaverse decentralized scientific lab. Their lab consists of some of the top University professors from all around the world.

DeSci is similar to other Decentralized concepts where full ownership is on those who are contributing to the space. It is a new strand of scientific research where organisations are able to build funding, run experiments, share data, distribute insights and much more. This comes without the need for regulation as opposed to the mainstream notions of scientific research and integration.


Image Credits | Farcana

Chief Scientific Officer of Farcana Dr. Dimitry Mihaylov has had this to say to us regarding DeSci and what it means for Farcana:

“Gamers and early adopters of metaverse are drivers of progress in Web3, and we at Farcana Labs have decided to connect this tech-savvy community with the scientific one. Researchers and scientists are used to suffering from insufficient funding and testing audiences. Having access to donors of digital data is the most important thing for any big data scientist, and metaverse is the unique opportunity to collect and analyze it. We are building a platform connecting researchers to crypto funding and providing a metaverse environment to test their innovations and obtain NFTized IP rights.

“The research and innovations from participants of Farcana Labs DeSci platform can contribute to upgrading the gaming experience and building highly-customized AI solutions for gamers as well as leveling up the healthcare and medicine sector, physiotherapy and even biohacking,” “The research and innovations from participants of Farcana Labs DeSci platform can contribute to upgrading the gaming experience and building highly-customized AI solutions for gamers as well as leveling up the healthcare and medicine sector, physiotherapy and even biohacking,”.

Dimitry is highly accredited in his field, working closely with the United Nations, being a committed guest speaker at a number of top Universities around the world and also has 27 patents and 10 books published on AI technologies.

Still not convinced?

If you are still having doubts then we can appreciate the skepticism as many web3 projects have gotten people’s attention for wrong reasons.

The game development team behind this title have had years of industry experience, working on titles you will have known and loved for many years yourself.

Some of the games and gaming related companies they have had their say in are Fortnite, Doom, Halo, Spiderman, Skyrim, Battlefront 2, Fallout, Left4Dead, Call of Duty: BlackOps 4, The Last of Us, Final Fantasy XV, EA, Gameloft, Wargaming, Ubisoft.

Be sure to give the Farcana Studios team a follow on social media to keep up to date with their updates for this upcoming release. This title looks stunning and the game’s alpha release is only just round the corner!

Happy gaming!

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