FATE Esports stomps everyone at the Cyber.Bet Summer Cup

The Cyber.bet Summer Cup 2020 tournament went down a very strange patch from what we initially predicted. A mere day before the event the ex-SMASH roster backed out of the competition leaving organizers scrambling to find a replacement. Eventually they found the Bulgarian roster of FATE Esports to join up on short notice. They also ended up winning the whole event.

FATE Esports stomps everyone at the Cyber.Bet Summer Cup

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FATE’s path to glory

The Jordanian organization contracted the all-Bulgarian roster only 3 days before the event kicked off. Cyber.bet gave the new roster a shot at the tournament as the last invitee. The performance of FATE Esports thereafter, threw a wrench in every prediction and csgo bets we made before the event kicked off.

The start of the group phase went down as expected. Illuminar and Ambush and UoL all opened up with victories making it seem like everything was gonna go according to plan. Our initial analysis predicted Illuminar and HellRaisers as the top contenders at the event and UoL and ex-SMASH as contenders. We also predicted Illuminar will choke once Playoffs rolled around, as they of course did to keep with traditions.

After barely making out of groups facing both an elimination and a decider match, FATE was set to meet SKADE in round one of Playoffs. Considering SKADE dominated in Group A beating both Hellraisers and UoL with ease, the match should have been an EZ4SKADE. The Bulgarians had other plans however and quickly dispatched with SKADE on Mirage (16:6) and Overpass (16:5) after dropping the initial map.

In round two, HellRaisers beat FATE in the Upper Bracket of the Playoffs in a highly contested series. Single rounds and overtime could send the series either way. It’s here where we saw a hint of things to come as the final would gave HR a map advantage either any opponent.

The best Cyber.Bet Cup final to date

The four maps at this Cyber.Bet Cup were hands down the best final in their tournament series to date. Hellraiser opened the series by winning Train to send the series to 2-0 and a single map between them and the trophy.

Vertigo came next and oh boy was it a doozy.

FATE almost had the map before the Raisers rallied four rounds straight as CT’s to send the match into Overtime. At this stage with all the momentum behind them and only four rounds away from the trophy, FATE’s live csgo odds for winning the match and the entire event skyrocketed. Whoever made a bet here was probably having a great time this past weekend.

The team rallied four consecutive rounds to claim the map and then went on to dispatch of HellRaisers in quick fashion on both Mirage and Inferno. It was honestly a final to behold. FATE now sits at 18th at the Regional Major Rankings just shy of Complexity and OG. Their performance in June is starting to make teams notice the potential of the fresh new roster and it all began with the Cyber.Bet Summer Cup.

We do hope Cyber.bet continues to organize this sort of tournaments for the non-premier scene as they offer a glimpse at some of the best talent outside the top 20 and some of the most entertaining matches we’ve seen all month.

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