Here’s why 4-2-3-1 will be the Best Formation in FIFA 23

September has just begun which only means we are getting close to the launch of FIFA 23. As such the hype season for the game is increasing day by day. There is more news being leaked and speculated within the community. Gameplay aspect of the game is what many fans want to know about. Yet, there is currently more of a focus on the FIFA Ultimate Team.

New gameplay features are set to debut within the final iteration of EA’s FIFA. There is a major component of the game which has not been dealt with in depth until now. As this game is based on the game of football, a major part of the sport is the tactics and formations. In the past, we have seen multiple formations stated to be the best in FIFA.

FIFA FUT Formation

This time we will be going back to the classic formation that started it all back in FIFA which is the 4-2-3-1. While this version of the formation consists of 3 CAMS (Center Attacking Midfielder) and 1 ST (Striker). In the past, many hailed this formation to be the most balanced within the game based on the players’ play style.

For a beginner to a professional, there were multiple ways one could have played around with the formation. With the game of FIFA 23, there will be multiple formations a player can select for his team to play in. While each formation has its share of Pros and Cons, one needs to realise that each player has a different play style in the FIFA Chemistry System.

As such this only leads to more and more tactics and approaches being provided more and more exposure in the community. This variety is the reason why there isn’t a constant meta in the game of FIFA.

Exploring The Defensive Side of the 4-2-3-1 in FIFA 23

While in football there have been many formations and tactics that have come and gone.

While the number of defenders does matter it is also based on the midfielders there are. Normally teams can play with either a back 5 or a back 4 while defending. The main task for this is to make sure that there is enough cover for each opposition attacking player. Usually, we tend to see an attacking set-up consisting of 3 players. As such to defend 3 players we tend to the usage of the +1 rule.

With the 4 defenders in this formation, there is a common line of defence while respecting the +1 rule. With the two CB, we can block the striker and the LB and RB can hold back the wingers. While some players can also choose to allow their fullbacks to go a bit more aggressive and join the attack. Or even take a spot in the midfield and invert inside. While the 4-2-3-1 consists of 2 CDMs in the midfield. What their role is based on the player’s choice. We could have one CDM who can join the attack and act as another player to pass the ball. Instead, both the CDMs can sit back and act as a cover for the defence and make sure that no passes can get through.

In total 6 players are defending to make sure that the ball can be retained easily. As there is a block of 4 in the centre, it will be tougher for other players to play in that zone of the pitch while avoiding tackles from various defenders.

Exploring The Attacking Side of the 4-2-3-1 in FIFA 23

This formation consists of 3 CAMs and 1 ST which makes it so crucial to the playstyle of the player. While the two most impactful players would be the central CAM and the ST. This is simply because of the various types of strikers there are available in FIFA 23. One could play a very tall and strong striker or a short and technically amazing one on the ball. The striker could be one who can play as a false 9 and help create an overload in the midfield. Else he could be the one to push back the defensive line when needed.

The central CAM plays the most crucial role in this formation. As he Is within the centre of the team he has 5 players surrounding him like a pentagon. As such he has to help dictate the play of the team and keep the tempo as high as possible for their teams. While having a free role can allow the chances of having various 2v1 situations on either side of the pitch. This would help there to be more space for through balls as well as direct passes to the player’s feet when needed. The other two CAMs play a role that is more of an inverted winger. In FIFA 23 they can have the ability to either cut inside or drift wide to be able to get past the defence.

If the player wants another attacking outlet in his team, he can also make the team be lob sided to either half. This can be achieved by allowing the wingback to come and join the attack by either overlapping the CAM or getting central and pushing the CAM wide. By doing so there could be a gap in the defence so be weary.

FIFA 23 Position Change

Is 4-2-3-1 the best formation in FIFA 23?

While the formation as a whole is quite balanced to play in, it mainly varies from player to player. If one wishes to play in a more attacking manner, one could let go of the defensive side. While at the same time if someone wishes to play completely defensively, they will have to make sure to have a counterattacking approach. The formation allows one to play with every mentally in mind or even be a balance of both.

This is likely going to be the most used formation across the board. Countering it is difficult, but if you find an optimal way, let us know.