What is Lengthy? – New Attribute everyone talks about in FIFA 23

Just like every year, EA Sports has gathered all football lovers around with the new FIFA. With FIFA 23 being the last game of the series developed in partnership with EA Sports and FIFA, expectations from the new title differed among players. While some thought that there would be no major changes in the game, others thought that FIFA 23 had to be interesting for EA’s next game to be successful.

It is quite difficult to make big changes between games in a series. Especially in sports games, where we almost never see it happen. Some of the reasons for this are that there are already certain basics of the main theme and people who follow sports games are not very open to big changes. But EA has added a brand new feature to FIFA 23, and it’s been the main topic since the game came out.

The New Attribute Everyone Talks about in FIFA 23 - What is Lengthy?

New Acceleration type takes over FIFA 23

This new feature is called Acceleration Type. The developer introduced this new feature months before the game came out, but players didn’t pay much attention to it. With the release of FIFA 23, it became clear how important this new feature is. Available only in new-gen, Acceleration Type allows players to have one of three running styles. As EA explained: 

  • Controlled: Most players in FIFA 23 will fall into the Controlled type as they accelerate uniformly in a controlled manner.
  • Explosive: These are shorter and more agile players who are able to quickly cover short distances and get ahead of their opponents, even if that means slowing down after the initial burst of acceleration.
  • Lengthy: Taller and stronger, these players need a bit more time to get going, but are able to catch up to anyone and even surpass them, provided they have enough distance. These players start slower but will thrive over long distances.

The most striking of these three running types was Lengthy. The fact that players with this build are very effective at long distances and that FIFA 23 gameplay is very suitable for these players suddenly made Lengthy the most meta variable of the game. Users started trying to make their players in every position Lengthy using the chemistry cards. However, this feature is not suitable for every position.

The New Attribute Everyone Talks about in FIFA 23 - What is Lengthy?

How can players be Lengthy?

The reason why players can be Lengthy has a very simple algorithm. EA explained it like this.


  • Agility >= 65
  • (Agility – Strength) >= 15
  • Acceleration >= 74
  • Height <= 180 cm (~ 5’11”)
  • Example player: Vinícius Jr.


  • Strength >= 65
  • (Strength – Agility) >= 14
  • Acceleration >= 55
  • Height >= 174 cm (~ 5’9”)
  • Example player: Virgil Van Dijk


  • Any player that does not meet the other two requirements above.

Which players should be Lengthy?

Due to the dynamics of the game, each position has different tasks. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to convert all players to Lengthy. The most useful areas for this acceleration type are the center forward and centre back. In this year’s FIFA, passes behind the defense are very effective. Centre-backs with the Lengthy feature hinder this effect considerably. The same goes for the offense. Even players with low pace can accelerate over long distances and turn through passes into goals. For this reason, we see players with low pace being used more than ever this year.

Many of the wingers cannot be converted to Lengthy due to their high agility. Here players have to choose between Explosive or Controlled. Controlled Acceleration Type is also more useful in the right and left back positions. In the midfield, things are a bit optional. Here, it is especially important that at least 1 player has the Explosive type. This allows you to get out of tight spaces quickly and avoid losing the ball under pressure. If you are using a defensive midfielder, you can use Lengthy on this player.

Some players expect Lengthy to be nerfed in the future. However, it looks like it’s not going to happen soon.