Best team and roster under 200K coins in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 just got a huge influx of players who just started the game with the Team Of The Year Promo. Some might have gotten lucky with some decent cards, but you need a full squad to start winning games consistently.

Not just one player in a squad can make you win games. For all the players seeking to build a squad on a budget, we are building a roster just for you. For fewer than 200,000 coins in FIFA 23, you can grind squad battles as well as Division Rivals.

Griezman FIFA 23

RW Antoine Griezmann (Inform) – 85 –

This team has been made with the idea that it can be played in many formations like with the given 11. This is because tactics and formations are quite crucial in turning the tide of the game in your favour. As such with this team one can play the 4-3-3, the 4-2-3-1 as well as the 3-4-2-1 and 5-3-2 formation. As such this flexibility at times will also help in making sure that in the dying minutes of the game based on the situation in hand, one can use an attacking or defensive formation/ playstyle.

Best Defenders in the 200,000-coin Best FIFA 23 Team

As the budget of this team is quite healthy we have gone for a La Liga core of Spanish players. Having played with some of these players myself for my budget team, some will be recommended. While in the initial formation of 3-4-3, each of the players will be present in full chemistry. The defensive half of the team consists of:

  • GK UNAI SIMóN -83 (1,000 coins)
  • RCB Mario Hermoso (Inform card)- 84- (13,000 coins)
  • CB Reinildo (Inform card) -82- (14,000 coins)
  • LCB Éder Militão 84- (16,000 coins)

Within this backline, one can see that the RCB and LCB can play as full back as well. Having either trait would support the playstyle of an attacking fullback. Or go the other way around and be a defensive fullback when needed. With two of the CB having high defensive work rates, it will be rare to see him out of their defensive position. While in a 4-3-3, one could play Mario as the right back. As such allowing there to be cross-long ball passes with his left foot. This ability and fluidity while changing formations is the most crucial aspect of this team.

A good example would be when the game is in the last 15 minutes of play. One could shift to the 4-2-3-1 formation with 4 defenders. While having all of them stay back while attacking. One could focus on a more counter-attacking style of play while being able to break the opponent’s press.

Best Midfielders in the 200,000-coin Best FIFA 23 team

The crucial part of a team in FIFA 23 is how the midfielders play on the pitch. Each of them has to be in sync with their role on and off the ball. Focusing on the 4-3-2-1 formation which has been seen used by the majority of professional players in eFIFA, the midfield core does focus a tad bit on their pace as well as defensive awareness.

Having the ability to make the line-breaking pass for their teammates as well, the midfielder core of the team is as follows:-

  • LM Fran García (FUTURE STARS) -85- (20,000 coins)
  • LCM Lucas Robertone (Rulebreaker) -84 – (16,750 coins)
  • RCM Marcos Llorente -85- (5,000 coins)
  • RM Federico Valverde (Inform) -86 – (35,000 coins)

The crucial aspect of the midfielders in this team is their flexibility in changing formations and positions. Fran Garcia can also play as an LB and go into the defensive part of the team. Similarly, Llorente can also play as an RB when needed by his team. Valverde can shift into a pure box-to-box CM when used in a formation like the 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 as well. While Roberstone in midfield can play in either the CDM CM or even the Cam positions.

With his well-rounded stats as well as his high defensive work rates. In a 4-2-3-1 he can be used as the deep-playing creative midfielder as well for his team. Ideally, in a 4-3-2-1, we could have Fran play as the LB while Lucas plays in the central midfielder role. While Llorente and Valverde play as the outside midfielders playing as the box-to-box number 8’s

Best attackers in the 200,000-coin Best FIFA 23 team

The last and more exciting part of this team is the attackers on the team. Each of them has a minimum of 4-star skills. This is crucial for being able to do some skill moves to bamboozle the opponent. One must note that either of these players can play as a secondary striker as well. With the ability to skilfully pass the ball to the striker or even back into the midfield. Each of these players also has certain ingame traits that allow them to take various kinds of shots at goal.

The forward line of this team is as follows:

  • RW Antoine Griezmann (Inform)- 85- (21,000 coins)
  • LW Vinícius Júnior -86- (28,500 coins)
  • ST Cristhian Stuani (FUT Centurions) -85- (20,500 coins)

Each of these attackers is one that can hold the ball at their feet with ease. Either in a skilful manner or even with their strength as well. While the player who will be the sole provider of goals and assists would be Griezmann. His cards on FIFA 23 have had this unique blend of skill and composure. While Stuani is the complete striker. One who can dribble the ball at his feet with ease. Have the strength to hold the ball. Has a 4-star weak foot allowing him to shoot with either foot. While having an aerial threat with his 97-heading accuracy, 97 jumpings, 90 attacking position and 6’1” body type.

Vinícius is a winger with skill and pace. While having the 5-star skills allows him to be incredible on the ball. It does allow one to attack the box with another dimension in front of the goal.

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