CPT France Offline Event – Who Will Qualify in Europe?

This year’s Capcom Cup has been bigger than ever, with a huge prize pool. It kicked off at EVO 2023 with our first qualifier. Since then, we’ve seen more players earn their spots at the grand finals through the online events. In terms of offline qualifiers though, there are only a few running. The third and last LAN is about to kick off though, the CPT France Offline event. This is where all the major European players will be competing for their spot

The CPT France Offline event is the major qualifier for this region, but with a $37,000 prize pool it’s a pretty important standalone event too. What can we expect at the third and final qualifier?

CPT France Qualifier

Source: Capcom

CPT France Offline Event

The CPT France Offline event will be an in-person SF 6 event, taking place on November 3-5th. This is a tournament where European players are competing for their spots at the Capcom Cup next year. It’s taking place in Paris, with most European players competing for their slot.

The top prize at the event is qualification to the Capcom Cup, with its huge prize pols this season. However, there are decent prizes coming for everyone who ranks at this event. There are just under 500 players signed up for the CPT France qualifier event. Some major names like Big Bird, Akainu, EndingWalker and Mister Crimson are all taking part. While this is the major European qualifier, we’re getting players from across the world taking part. There are major names from the Americas, Japan, and other regions all hoping to grab this spot at the finals.

The format for the CPT France Offline event is the same as most other tournaments for SF 6. We’ll see an opening round of pools, before things draw down to a final double-elimination bracket where the best SF 6 players compete. You can catch the entire tournament on the official Capcom Fighters streams and see which of the players is locked in for the Capcom Cup later in the year.

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