Capcom Pro Tour South America – Dookie Dominates at Qualifier

We’ve seen the next round of the Capcom Pro Tour take place over this weekend. Since SF 6 at EVO kicked things off, we’ve been seeing more and more qualifiers take place. This weekend the CPT South America West leg was held. While there’s still in-person LANs to come, these qualifiers are vital for players who want to make it through to the highest tier of Street Fighter 6 esports.

The Capcom Cup X has a record-breaking prize pool. Pretty much every major player is attempting to attend the tournament. These qualifiers are the primary way that players can earn their spots at the conclusion of the year’s tournaments. The most recent qualifier has gotten Dookie his spot in the final, but a few other players definitely performed well. This is what went down at the CPT South America qualifier.

CPT South America Qualifier

Source: Capcom Fighters

CPT South American Qualifier Results

Dookie started the final bracket over in the semi-finals. He was up against Bekitos where he met little resistance, winning 3-0. Then he faced Younghou in the Winner’s Final. Younghou had one of the strongest performances in the tournament.

In the Winners Final though, Dookie managed to push ahead to win 3-1. This wasn’t the end for Younghou though, he still had a shot at the Capcom Cup provided he could come back up from losers. There was harsh competition in here too though. Particularly from shaka222.

Shaka22’s run in the loser’s bracket was very nearly a full climb back. He started in the first round of this side, where he beat Moise. He went on to face Celfcool, winning 3-0, and repeating that strong finish against bekitos. This complete climb back was an impressive performance and he managed to keep it going against Younghou. In one of the tighter matchups, shaka22 just edged ahead 3-2. He came very close to securing a Capcom Cup spot off the back of a complete comeback.

CPT South America Qualifier

Source: Capcom Fighters

The stage was set in the Grand Finals for a face-off between two who might be joining the best SF 6 players. Across 5 games, Dookie just managed to win and grab his spot at the Capcom Cup, but shaka22 put up a decent fight. His Dhalsim just lost out, but things were pretty close.

The recent CPT South American adds another player to our roster of competitors for the Capcom Cup X. Dookie joins Snake Eyez and more as competitors for the conclusion of the first year of SF 6 esports.

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