DSG Expanding into Fighting Games with New Roster

DSG, or Disguised Esports, have today announced an expansion to the org. They will be moving into the world of fighting game esports! The DSG fighting game representation will be launching in 2024, along with the team expanding out into quite a few other games. We don’t have specifics like their players signed just yet, or what games they’ll be competing in. With tons of the biggest fighting game franchises getting new instalments across 2023 and 2024 though, they’ll spoilt for choice.

DSG fighting game esports expansion

Source: @Disguised

DSG Fighting Game Roster Launching in 2024

In a recent video, Disguised Esports owner Jeremy Wang have explained some of the future plans for the org. In prime position is the games they’ll be competing in in the future. They’ve said they’ll be competing in titles like Apex Legends and Teamfight Tactics, however they’ve also announced a DSG fighting game expansion.

This new expansion to the org positions them to get involved in any number of the new fighting games out there. They’re a bit late for competition in this year’s record-breaking Capcom Cup. However, with new titles like Tekken 8 coming this year and increased eyes on a lot of titles, it’s a great time for them to get involved.

Disguised have so far been primarily known for competing in games like LoL and Valorant. However, the 2024 plans for the org seem to mark out an increased scope for the organization going forward. They’ve announced a new look for the team, including quite a bit of new merch. Although, that’s also along with expansions like the DSG fighting game move.

The org is gearing up for a much bigger 2024. The org will be entering a growing space with fighting games. New events have been launching pretty frequently, along with prize pools on the rise all over fighting games right now. While a long-running part of competitive gaming, it’s one area of esports where we’re currently seeing huge growth. DSG fighting game expansion along with other teams getting involved is clearly showing that fighters are an increasingly attractive side of esports.

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